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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A FASHION POST: PINK Is On My Radar For Fall

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 It was just a couple of weeks ago I told a very good friend of mine I want more pink in my life.

 Three days later I got the J.Crew catalog, and it was covered in PINK!!

 Then I got my House Beautiful magazine and it's cover was  in PINK!!!

To say I was happy to see that wardrobe and decor magazines will be featuring PINK for Fall is an understatement. I am usually wanting a color that is not on trend and hard to find so this was all a very welcomed sight for me!

Most people don't associate pink with Fall, but let's think outside the box a little and get adventurous!

With pink in mind I had already started sourcing some ideas for my Fall wardrobe. Let me show you some of the things I have found so far.

Since it is for Fall/Winter I started looking at some coats first. I am really crushing on this first coat. I actually had a coat very similar about 42 years ago. A classic always works.....

Product Image, click to zoom:

On a more casual practical note, this would be great for when we go to the Beach...

Product Image, click to zoom

How about this darling boucle jacket? I have been looking for a boucle jacket at a good price point and this fits the bill. 

I wouldn't wear it with the dress, it looks a little matronly to me. However I would definitely wear this with a white t-shirt and a pair of great jeans and soft taupe or gray booties for Fall.......



We have to have sweaters for the Fall and Winter months and I found two that I love from Boden, which is a catalog I love and always find things I like there.

Grace Button Sweater:

This first sweater has some great detailing with it's side button closures. Anytime you can find an article of clothing with a special detail it makes the style value go up.

Grace Button Sweater WV094 Knitted Sweaters at Boden:
Notice how she has two buttons un-buttoned. A little more stylish and a fun way to wear it!! 

Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater WV016 Knitted Sweaters at Boden:
I am really crushing on this sweater, it has the two colors I want to add to my Fall wardrobe, pink and yellow/saffron! This is a win-win in my book. I just might ask for an early birthday gift!!

Now let's get to the bottom of things!
(sorry I could not resist a little humor)

Twickenham 7/8 Pant WM418 Pants at Boden:    
 As I said before whenever you find a special detail on clothing it brings the style value up a notch. I love the tuxedo stripe on these blush pink pants.

I can't do a fashion post without talking about a few accessories!

I am in love with this little ballet flat and I am just about ready to click on the BUY button!! Classic and pretty, plus comfy!!

  Cleo Flat Point:
Neutrals with pink! You can't go wrong with this classic shoe in this combination!!
Women's Foldover Clutch - Who What Wear ™ : Target:

If you want to just wear a touch of pink with a neutral outfit or just jeans and a sweater in a neutral a simple clutch bag in a neutral and blush combo is the way to go.

All of the above pieces are pieces I actually would purchase and some of them I am really wanting enough to hit the BUY button.

On a side note:
Pink can tend to be a very feminine and sweet color to wear. I love pink, however I am very aware to not wear anything overly floral, ruffly or sweet at my age. There comes a point when wearing overly sweet clothing at a certain age will just AGE us, so pick classic lines and pieces when wearing pink.

Enjoy Wearing Pink For Fall/Winter!! 


Libby Wilkie said...

Yes, Boden is one of my favorite sources and catalogs! Pink. Well, it takes some getting used to; but, as you say, nothing frilly or too sweet! Thanks for the good ideas here.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

So happy to see the pretty pastels such as these soft pinks for Fall....Gone are the days of drab browns...

The French Hutch said...

Love your choices here, cute selections. My favorite is the casual jacket. Thanks for the tips and I received my copy of HB and did a double take with the pink cover. Happy day.......

Donnamae said...

I normally don't think of pink and fall...but then again, why not? You've given me something to think about...thanks! ;)

michele said...

love all your inspiration images and that sweater with the marigold. lovely! if it's time to drink pink, make mine a double! i never tire of the european nude-y pinks of pointe shoes and the hushed rosy hues of a perfect sunset. they are the colors of nonviolence and quiet contemplation for me. but i keep my distance from sugary pinks and even ribbons shouting survivor. i don't need toothaches in my life. xox

Desert Diva said...

This was such an interesting post, and I clicked on nearly every link. Some of these are definite 'buys'.....You are right, the pink is a definite necessity in a wardrobe of all neutrals!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Love pink! It looks good with so many other colors, too. :)