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Sunday, October 25, 2015



Completed new house

The much anticipated moving day has come and gone. 

We moved into our new home On Wednesday without a hitch. Everything went very smoothly this time.

I think it is because we had a dress rehearsal 6 months ago when we moved out of our previous home into an apartment.

1st day after move to New House

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised that our furniture fit in the new house so well. We only had one chair that did not make the cut in the great room, but we found a place for it in the office. 

I took  these pictures you are about to see of our new home the very next day, on Thursday so I could show you all how it is looking so far.

We still have some things to move in, and a bunch of boxes in storage that need to be brought here, but right now we have what we absolutely need here in the new house. 

Our plan is to bring boxes here a little bit at a time and either keep, purge or donate.

I did a lot of purging before we moved, however, as many people told me that have experienced a move like this said we would need to purge even more, and they were right!

1st day after move to New House

We might be totally tired, but we are still smiling from ear to ear, and having a lot of pinch me moments. It is still hard to believe we get to live here.

P1150758 (800x600)

The great room is where I spent the most time tweaking furniture. 

I have two chairs in there that have to be angled, and I will be honest with you I like angled furniture in a room when it is placed in a corner, but it has to be exactly angled at the right position when it is in the center of the room, and angled for my eye to like it.

This girl who loves order and symmetry is learning to live with angles and asymmetry in her design world.

1st day after move to New House

I am finding it so interesting to see how everything looks so good with a white back drop. 

Having never lived with white walls before  I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am loving them.

All our walls and woodwork are painted Sherwin Williams Swiss coffee.

The furniture came in before the rug because we had the furniture in the apartment, but the rug was in storage. 

I immediately loved the furniture in the room, but when the rug went down the whole room came alive.

Black and white is a staple as the base for my rooms, and this rug fits the bill for me.

It was fun to see how my new black spindle chair worked in the room as well. 

I must have moved that chair twenty times to get just the right angle. 

It literally can be moved a half inch here or a half inch there until it feels just right. I am kind of like a Goldilocks when it comes to details like this. 

I went through the same process with the white chair and ottoman in the same room.

1st day after move to New House

The biggest surprise of the day was the TV, and it’s placement. 

I am not a big fan of TV. I watch it, but to be honest usually only at the end of the day right before bedtime. 

The TV has not been visible in a room for years and it has never been a focal point. We hid it in an armoire for years.

The white console table came in, and then the TV was placed on it. As soon as the TV was placed the room pulled together beautifully. 

How can a TV play an important part in the décor/design of a room?

It was because of it being black, and it mimicked the black opening of the fireplace, it  also created balance and weight in the room which was needed because of all the white and light in the room.

Who would have thought a TV could do that? 

I have to be honest I would have never in a million years given a TV such design kudos!! 

We have plans on purchasing a larger TV and it will be hung on the wall. 

Our builder has a tech guy that will come and hook up the TV. It is part of the  media package when you purchase media wiring in the walls and the TV wall mount.

1st day after move to New House

The house has great flow from one room to another and the great room and the kitchen/dining area feel like one big room because of the nice open floor plan.

The above image was taken from the kitchen side of the large island looking into the great room.

P1150826 (800x600)

This image was taken to at night and it shows how the great room is backed by the kitchen and dining area.

1st day after move to New House

This is our dinette right off of the kitchen. You can see my computer on the table, this is where I will be writing my blog post. I decided to switch sides so I am now facing the great room as I type this. 

1st day after move to New House

The bar stools fit perfectly under the island. However my hubby is not as happy with them as I am so that might be addressed in the future.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on the glass front cabinets once I find all my platters and white ironstone. 

In our previous home we put mirror on the back of the glass front cabinets, and added lighting inside the cabinets and under the cabinets.

I must have gone to the cabinets to turn on those lights a dozen times. 

So something that was not even close to the top of the To-Do list got promoted to the very top of the list. 

The lighting will give this part of the kitchen such a nice glow at night. We have a light in the hood, but it is too bright for ambient lighting, however it will be great for cooking.

1st day after move to New House

Right off of the great room there is a little entry hall into the master bedroom. My antique French marble table fit the bill perfectly. 

It needed to be open piece in order  for air flow for the air intake grid. 

The table and plant help camouflage the intake grid. I will be hanging the antique mirror that goes with the table soon.

The master bedroom was another pleasant surprise for us.  

This home is living larger than we anticipated.

1st day after move to New House

Another pleasant surprise was how well our cream furniture looks on the soft white walls. The carpet has also turned out to be the perfect  back drop color for our room.

1st day after move to New House

Again and again the white walls are turning out to be a pleasant surprise for us. 

Excuse the wrinkled pillows please! 

We have paper blinds on all the windows for privacy until we get our window treatments selected. More on that later in another blog post.

P1150749 (600x800)

We have an office and another bedroom, laundry room and of course the two bathrooms that are not quite ready for company yet.

We are learning and discovering things about our new home at every turn....... 
  I LOVE white walls.
  • Our new home lives much larger than anticipated.
  • Angles are my friend.
  • Asymmetry can be interesting.
  • Our cream bedroom furniture feels very restful backed by white walls.

1st day after move to New House

Walking back through the house to the entry hall where I will say goodbye for now.

1st day after move to New House
We are tired, happy, grateful and I hope you all will come back as we continue to…..




Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Wow everything looks fantastic! The rug really brought to room together. The furniture fits very nicely - love the angles. Your kitchen is wonderful- I like how it's integrated with the floor plan. Congratulations again!

Kat said...

Love everything about your new home! Your things all fit so beautifully and your master bedroom is so soft and serene. Congratulations!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Everything looks beautiful. I know you're having a ball testing each piece and moving it around until it suits. I'm enjoying the journey with you. Looking forward to more. Congratulations!!! fondly ~lynne~

Anita said...

Hello Kathysue, Congratulations on your new home. You have done a beautiful job in a short amount of time. I love the light walls and comfortable feel. Love the white console table and the black spindle chair...and that antique french marble table against the white wall is amazing. Enjoy! You have a beautiful home.

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Just beautiful, Kathysue. The rug is beyond gorgeous, and I like your barstools (my husband is the same way about our old barstools). The wall color is beyond gorgeous and is the perfect backdrop. Happy nesting!


Congratulations on your beautiful new home. I can see you are enjoying the fav part of all which is the decorations and embellishment of it. I am loving white walls too, we didn't have them before and when I get my hands in decorating my bedroom white it'll be!
I'm very happy for you my friend.

Karena said...

Kathysue this is so exciting and I love how all of your furnishings look, you can't imagine how many times I have thought about getting that rug!! Yay!!

Artist Lesley Schiff

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Congratulations! You deserve quite a bit of praise for how smoothly you have accomplished this transition...and everything looks great! I think that the TV and the table balance out the heft of the fireplace beautifully. It is going to be lots of fun in the days to come to see how you accessorize. And of course you will be sharing your new back garden.(-:

Anonymous said...

Excitement! Excitement! Excitement! Oh, your new home is looking marvelous! You've really done well with your move too! When we moved from Texas to upstate New York, we lived in our house a month before we had scheduled our furniture to arrive and sleeping on an air mattress, cleaning and walking around the painter. I ended up painting almost the entire upstairs! You way of moving sounds great - slowly and easily! I love how your new home is looking! This is so fun! I hope you're resting today.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tessa and Mark wedding photos said...

It all looks so wonderful. Love the brightness.

La Dolfina said...

Everything looks amazing. So clean and crisp! Love the way it is coming together!
I know you will keep enjoying the process :)

helen tilston said...

Hello Kathysue,

You know how to make a house a home in a short time. Your furniture is looking comfortable and peaceful.
Well done and wishing you continued joy and happiness as you get settled.
Helen xx

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, it just looks great and I'm so happy that you are pleased with the way it is all coming together. Happy week!

Victoria said...

So exciting. Enjoy the process and the joy; I know you will. XOXO, Victoria

Lady of the Manor said...

Everything looks like it's coming together so nicely. It looks comfortable and classy. Enjoy!

debra @ 5th and state said...

looking grand and oh so comfy at the same time. love the white walls and that spindle chair. enjoy, enjoy!!

Donnamae said...

I love how light and bright everything is! But... I'm anxious to see your personality shine through in all of your rooms! ;)

Libby said...

This certainly takes me back to when we moved into our present house….five years ago! How time flies. And yes, we purged and we purged (and I'm not even one to save things in excess..) before we moved, and yes, had to do it again once we got here. Habitat got some mighty nice pieces! We have no attic or basement (as I'm guessing is your case) so it's a wonderful exercise to do all this! The "honeymoon" lasted a year or two, and now, well, we feel like old timers and are beginning some plans for minor renovations. Five years is plenty of time to know what you need to redo, right? And yes, I do love the process!

Unknown said...

It looks great! Must be nice to be feeling settled into the new place!

Marty said...

I love seeing how great the white walls are in your new home. That may be what I need to to do to update our home without spending too much. I'm also anxious to see your window coverings and the process you go through to decide. You give such good information to us. Thanks and congratulations on such a lovely new home.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Everything looks great!!!....So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home! Best wishes!

michele said...

oh i just love it, and that open concept with the inviting kitchen is going to serve as the backdrop for wonderful memories. the striped rug is just beyond!

Rosie's Cottage said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on your gorgeous new home, wishing you all good things x