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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keep Your Eyes and Mind OPEN!!!


Amongst all the packing of the BIG and the Little items in our home, I have taken a few moments of diversion from the business, and work of selling, and packing up our home of 37 years.

Several months ago I actually started a pinboard, and titled it NEXT HOUSE. At that time I had no idea it would be coming to fruition so quickly. I actually just did it for fun, since I seem to live, eat and breathe design.

The images I pinned onto this board were ideas that I liked, that I thought I could live with, if and when we ever purchased a new home.

I thought it might be fun to revisit this board with you all today, and see what all I have in mind, and to really evaluate if I really do LIKE what I pinned since it has become a reality, and not just a someday.

I have repeatedly pinned this image for several years.

It is not very likely I will have this grand of a hallway, or this large of an area that I could store nothing but pretty white linens. 

However I am a true believer in studying great design and tweaking it to fit my space and budget. I try to always see the possibilities not the, “That will never happen in my life.” Remember, keep your eyes and mind open to new possibilities.

hallway linen storage - beautiful!
Most of us only have small areas that we can use for a linen closet in our homes, but just think!! You could put glass doors on any cabinet, and do part of your linen closet like this.

Let’s look at some smaller versions to give us all some good ideas….

Built-in Linen Closet in the Bathroom. This would work great in a hallway as well or a Bedroom for clothing. at Low Country Living blog.
This is not nearly as grand or displayed as nicely, but what I do like about this particular cabinet is the black latch instead of knobs, it adds a fun vintage vibe, and you all know I do love black and white!

If you have the option for double doors, check this out…….

Build in Shelves with glass doors and drawers rather than those stupid linen closets you can never keep organized.
In this image I am noticing they used glass knobs to add to the shine of the glass, and then they used bin pulls on the first set of drawers, not sure I like that, but it is just another option to think about. 

I also like the way the top of the cabinet is set back a bit. It gives the space more interest and dimension.

built in cabinet in between studs in bathroom - I need to find someone to do this for my linens.

Even the smallest of linen cabinets can be made more attractive with an addition of glass doors. In this image they even added a few pretty little blue bottles to break up the composition. I like the addition of a little color and a different texture.

love the cabinet in bathroom http://www.storageinqatar.com
This next image is way too busy for my own personal aesthetics, but it is an interestingoption on how to treat inexpensive bi-fold doors. 

Pop out the center panel and take to your glass man and have clear glass added. You will be surprised at how inexpensively this can be done. Very interesting!!!

I have been talking about built-in storage, but if you don’t have built-ins how about a free-standing piece to use as linen storage with glass doors?……

Display beautiful linen in an old medical cabinet

From TV Cabinet to Linen Cabinet  how many of these do you see now that flat screens are the thing

Now this is a very clever idea, if you have a TV cabinet or find one at a thrift store, add the glass doors and some paint and you have a beautiful and original linen cabinet!!

There you have it dear readers!! Never, ever let size, placement or budget stifle your creativity. Look for ideas to help you think outside of the box. There is always more than one way to do a job.

I hope this helps you see things through  a different set of eyes, and mindset. I hope to do more of these types of post. It helps me too!!!

“Enjoy the Process!” 
Imagining the Possibilities!!



Woodside Park said...

I love your outlook! Life is what you make of it. And no matter the size, budget and challenges, we can all live in style. When we eventually downsize, I'd love to get rid of the formal dining and living room and, instead, have a bigger linen closet. Cheers

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

What great ideas! We can always count on you to come up with a genius solution!

michele said...

love the concept and may be able to incorporate it into our next house (which hasn't been bought yet!). what works for me is that linen closets tend to be in located in dark hallways where there is little interest, and this adds architecture, light, and function. thanks, lovely.

designchic said...

What great ideas, as always, Kathysue and wasn't the last redo amazing…always impressed with peoples creativity! Happy Wednesday!

Ter'e said...

We have just sold our home and will be moving from FL to MO, and will be sizing down. Love MO, but not the closed in style of homes there. How do you decide what goes and what sells before the move???? My husband loves our dining table and hutch.........I am hoping and praying it falls off the moving truck.

I had a huge laugh over the linen closet, with the glass panels!!! Does anyone have a linen closet like this????? Perhaps I should send you a photo of my current linen closet. You deserve a huge laugh!!! Too.

Unknown said...

I,too, have always loved that first picture. I am in the process of planning a master bath remodel and will incorporate some of these built-in ideas as I have a teeny tiny linen closet right now. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck on the house hunting/packing!

John said...

Boy, wouldn't I like to live closer and build those Shaker inspired built ins for you -- glass panels and all!! We'd have to talk about painting them though.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Wonderful ideas! Love that first picture idea- how grand!
My storage is a joke. Our 70's home has small everything. I like the glass door idea for a closet- it makes a small door look bigger and the space more interesting!

Karena said...

Kathysue, I love all of these linen closet and cupboard ideas!! Really the glass doors and new or vintage hardware make all the difference in the world! Yes and you have an amazing attitude!!Thank you for the inspiration!

The Arts by Karena
Bunnies by Hunt Slonem!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...to one of the moms I admire most.
Mary Ann

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have a cabinet in my bathroom that I have thought of adding a glass door to for years...this post just might make me finally do it!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Hi Kathysue..now that's a big job... Packing after 37 years! Cant wait to see you transform the next house!