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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What I Have Been Up To Lately!

The past week was a fun one for me. You see it was our 45th Anniversary, and my sweet husband took me away for a few days to my favorite place………

P1140917 (800x600)
For special occasions like anniversaries, and birthdays we like to stay in Carmel Highlands at the Tickle Pink Inn. It is peaceful, restful, and has this million dollar view from our balcony.

P1140929 (800x600)

We almost always stay in our room on the balcony and watch the wildlife around us and the gorgeous changing colors of the water and the sky. It truly is a romantic, restful place to stay.

(this is actually a round window that frames this gorgeous view in the stairwell to our room.)

We both can not believe we have been married for 45 years, the time sure has flown by.
Doug&Kathy 002_thumb[16]
So young and so in love!

We might not be young anymore, but we are more in love with each other with each passing year!

tancredi and Morgen
On our way out of Carmel we did stop by a favorite shop of mine, Tancredi and Morgen in Carmel Valley.

The owner was changing her displays out, getting ready for Easter. She does an amazing job, and it always looks different every time I visit. They travel to Europe twice a year to purchase beautiful pieces for their shop.

Soon to come down was this darling display of pig-cutting boards.

tancredi and morgan
I thought this was such a clever display, all shapes, and sizes. The entire wall behind the counter was painted a flat black with the warm wood cutting boards, a perfect contrast.

When we got home it was time to make my final decision on the four different blue fabrics for my Spring pillows….

Ribbet collage Spring pillow Stars
One of these four blue fabrics was about to become the star of the Spring pillow choices. You can read about my selection process  Here and Here.

And the Oscar goes to….

This fabric is Thibaut’s South Sea pattern from their Resort collection. It is the purest cobalt, and it just is so right for my room. It sure feels good to have made this decision.

I am still waiting for some more yellow fabric samples, and once that decision is made I can move forward with my other pillow choices.

Ribbet collage The contenders spring pillows family room
In one of my previous post I mentioned a plot twist with the addition of a possible new chair in the family room. Well, there has been another……

Ribbet Edit PLOT TWIST
You see I was all settled on getting this chair, because it was the style I had always wanted, the color of the frame would work in my room, all I needed was the right fabric, so I sent away for some samples…..

As hard as I tried to convince myself that this would work, I knew in my heart I was making a compromise on a piece that I would not be getting again. 

I proceeded to tell my hubby I was NOT going to get this particular chair, because the chair I really had my heart set on was a black framed bobbin chair with white upholstery. He thought I was being a bit silly to decline a perfectly beautiful chair.

You see dear readers, I will wait for years to get what I truly want, and in the end it has paid off for me. Of course you have to be patient, and hold onto your dream, and just be happy thinking about the possibility..

I said there is a plot twist and there is!!!

On our anniversary, my husband nonchalantly said, “ You need to get this chair thing figured out!” Of course I was taken aback since I had already told him I would wait.

So my reply was, “What chair!” He told me the bobbin chair, and then I reminded him of my decision on waiting until it would fit into our budget better. He then told me we could do it now!!!  


I was beside myself with excitement! This is a chair I have dreamed about having for years, and now I was actually going to get one.

I immediately started searching by looking at the many bobbin chairs I had pinned.

In my looking I wound up on Ethan Allen’s site. I have made purchases from Ethan Allen before, and I am very familiar with their quality so I knew if they had one it would be of good quality ,and maybe a bit out of my price range, BUT!!!! they had one and it was on sale!!! Are you kidding me!!!

I can pick the color of the frame and the upholstery, cushion type, etc. 


So dear readers today my sweet husband, and I are taking a trip to Ethan Allen, and ordering our chair!!!

Ethan Allen Brant chair
The Ethan Allen Brant Chair, soon to be mine!!
I have one more thing to tell you!!

I have two Ikea chairs in my family room with an ottoman…

The legs on the ottoman just don’t suit the room, so I thought I would change it up a bit, and order some new legs online.

I did a lot of searching, I knew the basic shape I wanted, and I knew no matter what finish they came in I would be painting them black.

The perfect shape legs have been found, ordered, delivered, and soon to be painted black!!


This is what I have been up to lately!! 

Spring is here in California, and we are enjoying the beautiful weather. Time to get our nest in order and bring new life to our homes!


Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Your spot for your anniversary looks heavenly! I am so glad you got away for a few days. LOVE the fabric choice, it is perfect. The new chair is beautiful.

carolyn bradford said...

What a sweet and very special post! In this day and age is so wonderful to be able to celebrate this kind of anniversary! As for the chair….this is my dream chair as well! I've often thought of carrying them in the shop but I most definitely want one in my home one day! So glad you got to spend your anniversary in such a wonderful spot! I used to go to Carmel as a little girl when we lived in California. Would love to take Jim one day! Blessings to you both!

Vanessa said...

First off, I love the wedding pics and the current pic as well. You two are such a lovely couple. God Bless you both and wish you many more happy years. Love love the chair. Sweet man.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Well congratulations on your 45th Wedding Anniversary! Carmel sounds so romantic. Love the views and that round window is the best!
Congrats on the chair too- how awesome to fulfill a dream like that! Ethan Allen does a great job on their furniture- you won't be disappointed!

Victoria said...

Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple...happy AND healthy. BTW, I think the Ethan Allen chair you chose is the perfect one for your room.
XO, Victoria

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Glad you had a wonderful anniversary getaway...and will have to place the Tickle Pink Inn on our bucket list!....I LOVE that Ethan Allen chair...have had my eyes on it for a while!....maybe I can give my hubby a hint for our 45th too....Love your selection...Thibaut has the most gorgeous fabrics...I have been looking at one of their wallpapers for the powder room, but just can't decide whether to wallpaper or not...

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary and what better spot to spend it than in my hometown ofCarmel! Nice to see the photos..no one has trees like the Monterey Peninsula.
Earlier when you mentioned you were getting a bobbin chair I assumed it was the Ethan Allen one so it is nice to see you enjoy that one. I just had 20 year old dining room chairs recovered for the 4th time so you definitely get your money's worth. Can't wait to see it all done.

Heymudda said...

Okay, fess up...you guys were 10 when you got married right? You look AMAZING! Wow, 45 years and you can still see the love on your faces. Congrats! I hope the next 45 are as loving as the last 45 have been...cause that could happen right? Cause you guys got married when you were 10? Best wishes and I love both chairs but the black one is perfect!

Dawn said...

We got the EA bobbin chair a few months ago, black frame. Love it and find it very comfortable. I always purchase from EA for pieces I know I won't want to replace; they simply don't die!:)

Happy 45th!!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary Kathysue! Those of us who love decorating can completely relate to your excitement over a new chair. I'll bet you are already picturing how that chair will look in the room during the holidays. Enjoy!

michele said...

happy anniversary! i'm going to hang on to this little known fact that the 45th is the bobbin chair anniversary. peace to you and your fine groom.

La Dolfina said...

Good stuff!!
You two are a beautiful couple.
Congrats on 45 years of wedded bliss!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

You guys are so cute together...that is one of my favorite places to visit and one of my favorite chairs...


Happy anniversary girl!!! And that chair is going to be fabulous in your room:)