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Saturday, October 11, 2014

How To Make A Sense-sational Home

One of my design philosophies is that it is more important how a house feels than how it looks. 

We can all make a room look lovely. We can copy a picture in a magazine, or buy everything out of a vignette in a store. 

However, to make a Home feel a certain way is , in my mind, Great Design. 

In my experience, how a house feels to those who enter, is what makes it a Home, not just a well decorated House.

One of the important things a Home should have in it are things that stimulate the senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing and Taste.

Below you will find a list of things that I like to have in my home for my guest to experience a peaceful and welcoming home.


I know this will be subjective, what is pleasing to one is not pleasing to everyone.  Generally speaking, a well appointed, tidy home is pleasing to most. This is where de-cluttering is key!

If it is night time, or the winter months a nice roaring fire is always an inviting sight. Candles will be pleasing to the eye, and to the nose if they have a delicate scent.


Scents for the home will always be to the homeowner's taste.  Just make sure it is a pleasant scent and not over powering to your visitors.

 The scents above were found on a great blog  A Gift Wrapped Life. She is actually having a give away on these beautiful fragrances for the home by Charlotte Moss

I saw this darling idea on pinterest and this is something that anyone can do.....

Small bowls filled with coffee beans and then you add the warmth of a vanilla scented candle to the mix and you have a home that smells like a welcoming, fresh brewed cup of vanilla coffee. 

Again, a very simple idea and easy to do. You could even do this last minute if you had to.

One of my favorite scents is Amber. I like to purchase it from Cote Bastide. It is a wonderfully warm scent for the colder months in Fall/Winter.

Fresh flowers that have lovely scents are pleasing to the eye, and the nose.  Paper whites, roses, lilacs just to name a few. Fresh flowers are always seen in my home, whether it is a single rose in a bud vase or a large bouquet on my table or counter in the kitchen. Flowers are just a requirement!

Keep in mind that a bowl of fresh lemons has the most refreshing scent or a wooden bowl full of fresh apples. It does not have to be fancy to be nice for the senses.

One big mistake a lot of homeowner do is to overly scent there home, make sure it is subtle.
Try to stay away from the large bags of potpourri that are artificial smelling and over powering.


Having soft and inviting textures in your home will only add to its appeal to all who enter. A nice fur pillow or throw is always a fun thing to wrap up in.


The soft sound of a trickling fountain outside an open window is a wonderfully calming sound.

A very small bubbler can make a very soothing sound when the water hits the rocks. This little guy is on my back patio.

As you walk up to my front door you will be greeted by this happy dancing water. Not a big fountain, but it still is pleasing to the senses.

Soft music playing in the background can help make a home have a wonderful atmosphere. If you ever visit my home you will always hear soft music playing in the background.


Offer your guest a simple cup of tea, coffee, or a cool glass of water with lemon.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just welcoming.

I would love if you would share some of the ways you  make your house a Sense-sational HOME

"Enjoy the Process" of: 

Filling your HOME with items that stimulate the Senses



Scribbler said...

Great post! And all these things are so true.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Beautiful informative post, I use them all but the glowing warmth of a fire going. Hope all is well your way. fondly ~lynne~

Karena said...

Good morning Kathysue, you've shared so many lovely ideas with us today. These elements all add together to make a special home for both us and our guests!

The Arts by Karena

Sarah said...

Kathy, you are always one to offer excellent ideas and advice. I agree, a home should feel cozy to those who enter just as to those who live there. We have fountains in the back, but just a bird bath in the front. I'm going to look for a small bubbler to add to the entrance of our home. Love that idea!
One sense-sational element I like to add are organic touches - a small nest, a feather or two I gathered on a walk, an interesting rock or shell. It brings a bit of nature into the mix of texture.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful list. Enjoy your day.

Sue said...

I agree with you Kathysue. I love to do all of the above, although lately I am in need of the decluttering! One of my favorite books is Creating a Sensesational Home by Terry Willets. She covers the same topic beautifully.
Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Wrote on this same topic a few weeks ago and love your ideas, especially the touch of fur! Hope your husband is doing well and able to enjoy the beautiful home you create for the two of you.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Such good ideas and all quite easy to do, but make such a huge difference.

Tennislvr said...

Hi Kathysue
Enjoyied your writings until April or so and followed your suggestions and still am not receiving emails of your posts. Thank you for your blog.

Stacy CUrran said...

I love this post. I wish my family room was as clean looking and tidy as yours - it looks perfect! I don't know if I ever said it, but I adore the sconces that you picked for that room. I've also been loving your pins today, especially the daybeds :)