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Monday, February 24, 2014

And It BEGINS!!!


Happy Monday to all of you out in blogland!! 

Today is the day!!

You might be wondering, “What is today?”

Today is shut down  the kitchen day…….

Kitchen reno 001 (800x600)

In the beginning stages.

Kitchen reno 003 (600x800)
It is kind of fun seeing everything all lined up.

Kitchen reno 002 (800x600)
There is no mistaking what colors are in my home, white, yellow, greens, blues and once in awhile a touch of pink.

Kitchen reno 005 (600x800)
I have some red transferware for my touch of pink!!

Kitchen reno 015 (800x600)
Drawers all stacked up, pots and pans ready to be used, Ooops, no cooking gas line will be off . Darn looks like take out for awhile!

Kitchen reno 010 (800x600)

The cupboards are bare!! Just like Old Mother Hubbard!!

Kitchen reno 011 (800x600)
There will be no more washing dishes for a couple of weeks. This 35 year old sink is going bye-bye!!

Would you like to see my new kitchen?

Kitchen reno 007 (800x600)
This is the cooking area!

Kitchen reno 008 (600x800)
Here is where I am keeping my new china that my sweet hubby bought me. It is genuine Chinette!!

This is how we will be living for the next two weeks. 
Tomorrow is demo day so bye bye to my tile counter tops.

Wednesday is template day so they can cut my new counter tops out of these beauties…..

Da Vinci marble (800x600)
I will keep you posted on our progress!! 
Wish us luck!!!



Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

How fun Kathy Sue! We remodeled our kitchen about a year ago, and it seemed like it would never get done! But it was so worth it in the end. Yours will be gorgeous...looking forward to the pictures!!! Jane

Anonymous said...

We've been without a kitchen since the week before Thanksgiving. Good luck because it's not easy. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

Sarah said...

Exciting! What fun to be getting a new kitchen. '-)

Kim said...

Oh how exciting ... we are redoing our kitchen as well ... but not nearly as extensively!! Using the same Carrara marble on my island!! LOVE!! Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting! xo

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

It's fun, Really It Is!!! and...you will be so glad when it's finished.

Sue said...

I was where you are back in November. We had our stained wood cabinets painted inside and out so every bit had to go. It was a mess for a few weeks, but oh so worth it. They come back this Thursday to paint my family room bookcases and mantel. Here we go again! {much easier that kitchen tho}
I know you will love your new kitchen and I can't wait for the reveal.

vignette design said...

Oh boy Kathysue! It's going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished project! Good luck and enjoy the process! ~Delores

Carla Aston said...

Very exciting! Good luck and enjoy your dinners out!

Mona said...

So excited for you. Can't wait for the reveal...and as Carla said...Enjoy those dinners out!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Kathysue... can't wait to see your progress. We begin our renovation in the kitchen in another week. I'd rather be reading about it than actually doing it! Good luck!

Marty said...

This is such perfect timing for me. I need good instruction and ideas how to survive since we are in the planning stages for a partial kitchen remodel. You look so organized . . . an inspiration! Good luck and I'll be following your progress.

Merlin said...

Hmmm...I think I have that same red transfer-ware...We finished our cabin kitchen last October...SO glad that is over. franki

Victoria said...

So exciting!!! Don't forget to breathe.
XO, Victoria

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Good luck...how exciting!!!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Oh my gosh...I cant wait to see it...its going to look fabulous!

The Tablescaper said...

Such an exciting project, but quite the undertaking. Can't wait to see the final results.

- Alma, The Tablescaper


I am so so so excited for you my dear! I read about the little hiccup.....but I am sure in the end you will have a magnificent new kitchen:)