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Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Ribbet Edit Pillows

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Ribbet Edit PILLOWS2

You are trying to store them all!


Storage boxes are one solution, but they usually  will only hold four pillows in each box, so it really takes up a lot of storage space.

I am in the midst of cleaning, and organizing my garage so I have been on the hunt for storage solutions, because this gal won’t be getting rid of her decorative pillows anytime soon. 

In fact if I am being honest I will probably be adding a few more for the different seasons.

I have found two solutions that seem reasonable to me, and won’t take up as much space as boxes.


Pillow storage
This is one of those ides I thought, “Now why didn’t I think of this?”

I also like these  soft containers from the Container store!

Outdoor Cushion Storage Bag these would also be great for all the extra decorative pillows, and bedding.

They are made to hold outdoor cushions. I like their portability, and that you can see through them for $9.99 this is a great deal!!

Pillow storage1
This 18 in square bag would be good for the smaller pillows. Only $6.99 at the container store.

Wish me luck I am about to go into the dreaded garage and get Alllllllll of my pillows just to see how many I have!

Any guesses on how many Kathysue has?

I would love to hear how you store your extra pillows.



Nancy said...

This might sound crazy but you should get some of those big bags that you can seal with a zipper and then vacuum all the excess air out of. I do this to store my out of season clothes. You'd be amazed how many of those you can stack on top of each other. I fill a couple of big suitcases with them, store them in our cedar closet, then just wheel them out when the seasons change...no dust, no fuss. Hope that helps :)

Jen said...

Good afternoon Kathysue, I just got to let you know this is gonna help this pillow hog out. I have a thing for pillow but get so frustrated trying to figure out how to store. I DO NOT know how I could not of thought of this. Anywhoo.....thanks for posting! {HUGS}

Nancy said...

Space bags! couldn't remember the name. here's a link:

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Lol, I thought of those space bags, too, like others mentioned. I just change my covers, so I'm only storing the cover, not the whole thing. If you've got some with zippers, I'm thinking get rid of some of your inserts and just keep switching them out. I'm dying to know how many you have. ;-). I only have a few, believe it or not (being the pillow freak that I am). I tend to give them away when I get bored because I make them myself and I'm always coming across a new fabric. It's my weakness...

Sue said...

I just use plain old garbage bags, cram as many as I can and then i label the bags with hanging tags and store them in my attic. We live in TX and so far so good. {I just do this with seasonal pillows} For the last several years I have just bought pillow covers and that has solved most of the problem!

Stacey said...

I have them everywhere too. I do like to buy covers and just switch them out. That helps.

michele said...

you must have a couple dozen...this idea with the garment bag...genius! you are an organizational queen.i bow to you.


vignette design said...

What a great idea! Love the garment bag solution, but where does it get to hang? Pillows are definitely a problem over here too. I just stuff them in a cupboard at this point! Maybe the solution is to have only a certain amount of fillers and store the pillow covers in a container flat. I don't know....But hey they look very organized in garment bags. ~Delores

Merlin said...

I confess....I have a pillow addiction. Hardly met a pillow I didn't like (according to my family.) I HAVE resorted to pillow cases to cover pillows I have. I wish you well! franki

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I need the hanging bag! I have so many pillows, and like you, I will not be getting rid of any.
Great post, Kathysue!

Woodside Park said...

Great ideas, Kathysue!! My closets and guest beds have been taken over by pillows, so now there is hope! (Yes, I pile pillows on the guest beds, and when guests arrive, I panic!!!) Too many pillows - help!

Patricia said...

Space bags are the answer! When you suck the air out you can store two dozen pillows in one black garbage bag.