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Friday, November 15, 2013

How Do You Wrap You Christmas Gifts?

Do you have a signature gift wrap?

I didn't either until a few years ago when I heard Colin Cowie talk about how he has a signature gift wrap, and that everyone should have their own signature wrap.

He chose a shiny dark chocolate brown. It looks like a bowlful of melted chocolate, just yummy.

He even takes it so far as to leave personal stationery and cards at his favorite florist and confections store in case he needs a gift delivered. Now this man is beyond organized.

I saw the Oprah special where they showed his apartment. 

Oh! My!! If I was not already married I would ask him to marry me. You should see his closets and even his refrigerator.

He is always planning and thinking ahead. He is uber organized. 

Sorry I just get so excited about a color coordinated, organized home……

Now back to the signature wrap!
While perusing blog land I went to Chinoiserie Chic blog, she does an amazing job with color in her home, and it is all based around her love for color and Chinoiserie.

She did a post on this wonderful wrapping paper sold  at Caspari.


If you have the time definitely take a look at their website they have some amazing gift wrap, and who knows maybe you will find your own signature wrap.

I loved the idea of a signature wrap so I thought about it for about one second and I knew exactly what mine should be. 

I think you all know what the answer is going to be!! My signature wrap is??????

You guessed it!
Black and white striped paper.
Now, I just knew I could find this paper. Well, after a lot of looking, and I do mean a lot of looking. I finally found a web-site called Nashville wraps that sold the perfect paper for me. 

They sell it in bolts to stores so you can buy a lot of paper. I got a bolt of 24”x 85ft for $20. That is an amazing price and so handy in its box that has a cutter on it.

I can use my paper for just about any occasion by changing the ornamentation on the gift. Here is a gift I wrapped as a Birthday gift for someone very close to me that loves turquoise……

025 (800x675)

I made a band out of tissue paper and then made tissue flower and cut striped leaves. I think it turned out pretty cute . 

It could be altered by changing the color of the tissue paper. Very simple to do and a fun package to give someone.

Here are a few pictures of the different combinations I used with my black and white striped signature wrapping paper for Christmas......
gifts wrapped 003 (784x800)
I used a black and white with red for this years Christmas gift wrap.

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 041
This year I added a touch of lime Green to the mix.

gift tags 031 (800x600)
Another red and white year. I made my own personalized gift tags this year.

By keeping a black and white striped base I can add different patterns and colors for a whole new design. The possibilities are endless.

Ribbet Edit 2013 Christmas Inspirationa
This is the combination of gift wrap I will have for this Christmas.

I found another fun source I would like to share with you called Paper Jacks, on Etsy.

Remember the band I made with turquoise tissue? Well Paper Jacks has done it for us……..

paper jacks black
Black and white perfect for me, but they do carry many other colors.

paper jacks blue
Here is the navy. I love the wide striped and the stitch .

They also carry custom labels to add to the paper ribbon…….

paper jack labels
They are so reasonably priced and come packaged in the cute little boxes with the ribbon tab.

Endless ways to combine your favorite patterns, and colors.

Also great for those packages you have to send via Mail or Ups. No smashed bows!!

Be sure and visit….

For those of you who love beautifully wrapped gifts for presentation you must go and look at The Gift Wrapped Life blog

Sande is the author and the talented lady behind wonderful gift wrapping and gift ideas.

She talks about life, design and gifts. She is so articulate and makes all things in her surroundings lovely. She is truly an elegant lady.



Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Great examples.....I go with white paper with gold ribbons to match the tree.

Stacy CUrran said...

Kathysue, "If i weren't already married I'd ask him to marry me" followed by "You should see his closets" actually made me laugh out loud :) Such beautiful examples here. I don't have a signature gift wrap, but it's on my list!

michele said...

oh i bring such shame to my house! i'm a horrible wrapper. just hopeless because i put all my energy into finding the perfect gift and run out of steam for the packaging. i also blame my mother who delegated me to do all the wrapping in a fury on christmas eves. but there is hope. maybe i'll be the best wrappin gramma on the block someday!


carolyn bradford said...

Loved this post, Kathysue! We actually saw Colin at the Nashville Antiques and Garden Show several years ago and even my husband loved his presentation! It was amazing and mesmerizing! I will have to ponder my own signature wrapping style! Especially since I'm not the best wrapper in the world! I tend to run to the office when someone needs a gift wrapped and let sweet Pattie do it! She wraps beautifully!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

TALK about organized, Kathysue!!! I just found some pretty gold and cream striped paper at Home Goods...but that's as far as I have gotten. Great inspiration.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

So much inspiration here, Kathysue! I too am using black and white paper this year... chevrons! Found lots of it at HomeGoods. LOVE the brown boxes with the black and white bands!!!! It's all about being organized!!!
Super post!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I can't wait to visit both!
Kathysue, you have always had beautiful packages. I have become a bag lady, but I do try to make the bags beautiful. I used to wrap every present, and i think you have motivated me to try at least a few.

Merlin said...

You know, I think "gift wrapping" is fun...luv your b/w, etc. This year I'm doing brown kraft paper with just a "spray over" of gold metallic and double satin brown and cream ribbon and...FUN! franki

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Now that is organized. I love your black-and-white paper - it would look great put at the back of a book shelf for a season too. I think the closest I get to s signature gift wrap is brown craft paper with wool used as ribbon. I love how homespun it looks and it fits with my frugality.