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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Wild Side Of Fall!


Sometimes people think you have to be brave, or exotic to wear leopard, or to use it in your home. 

They are probably not far off in that thought process, but once you wear it or use it in your home, you will be hooked.

Leopard is a staple in my Fall wardrobe, and I have also used it in my home in the past. Because it is such a statement pattern it should be used with restraint. A little of a good thing goes a looooong way!!

I am going to show you some outfits and some rooms today that I feel have used leopard in an appropriate manner.

I do have one rule when it comes to wearing it… Don’t wear matching shoes, purse or clothing item. One piece of leopard goes a long way.


leopard pillow... Love how it ties in brass and black
One single lumbar pillow is the perfect touch in this eclectic room. Just picture the room without the leopard pillow. It doesn’t look quite as dramatic does it?
Lavender & Leopard - Polyvore - classically-preppy
Here is an outfit that uses a touch of leopard with lavender. Just a touch makes this outfit fun and current.

"Fall Fashion" by archimedes16 on Polyvore
James Michael Howard   ..."The symmetry and balance of this room are offset by the playfulness of the leopard chairs."

This room is so classic in its style and the two armless chairs add just the right amount of pattern in this room.

leopard coat ♥♥♥
Notice only one piece of leopard in her outfit. If she were to have carried a leopard bag or worn leopard shoes it would have been way to much for the outfit.

leopard as an accent in this otherwise black and white room
I adore this room except for Bambi on the wall. Mixing the leopard with the cobalt is a favorite look of mine. This room is so handsome, don’t you think? 

I might have used a black and white pin stripe on the chair. A menswear suiting stripe would have been nice. The chair is just one step too far for my design aesthetics.

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Leopard does not have to always be used with darker or autumnal colors it can be use in a room full of spring-like colors as pictured above. This room makes me smile.

SPRING TIME - Green stripes, a pop of pink and leopard wedges.

I love to wear leopard and also in my home with a pillow or a throw. Nothing over done, just a subtle touch here and there.

To see more uses of leopard in wardrobes, go HERE to see how I would wear it in the Fall.

I also have created a new board dedicated to LEOPARD!!

Do you have leopard in your home or wardrobe? If not I hope this has inspired you to take a leap and us a little leopard this Fall!

If you are new to leopard try a pair of shoes or a clutch. You will be amazed at how many outfits it will go with! Promise!!! 

This is how I add leopard to my Fall wardrobe.....




Constance said...

I liked the leopard in the clutch purse, the ballet flats and the pillows. Just a little bit is a perfect touch!

Happy Tuesday to you, kathySue:)

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Kathysue these are great! I love all the images.
Let's see I want all the shoes, the chairs and that yummy pillow....really everything!
And I agree, one to a room!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

You've given some great pointers for dressing our bodies and/or our rooms.

The enchanted home said...

Wow you are so organized with your wardrobe!! I think this post proves one thing...a little leopard always works!

Merlin said...

I have always used a touch of leopard in my rooms and luv my leopard vest. Meee-Ow! franki

Robbienae said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration to use our leopard items with various colors. I would never have thought to use it with greens, purples, or pinks but the look is lovely. Just think how the leopard himself travels through the jungle with the green vegetation and blooming flowers.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Everyone needs a little leopard...love the look!

Melinda said...

Love leopard and love your post. Great images and I'm loving your gorgeous wardrobe. Tres chic.

Melinda said...

Love leopard and love your post. Great images and I'm loving your gorgeous wardrobe. Tres chic.

Mumbai said...

use it with restraint...that's the key word. However I'm still a huge fan of Leopard and I believe it will never go out of fashion like black...
either in your home or on your body.


I agree....a little goes a long way. I have some cute flats and a scarf that I alternate....I used to have my whole foyer wallpapered in cheetah. Wish I had never taken it down now:)