Friday, August 2, 2013



Are you getting ready for a fun or maybe relaxing weekend?

You are about to see some outfits that would take you to the beach, shopping, movies, and out to dinner, all in black and white. It doesn’t get any simpler than that…..

walking shorts for me, but would totally wear everything else
It is summer and it is hot! Even if it is hot I still like to look fashionable. Black and White is my go-to color combination for the summer.

I often see outfits that I probably would not wear the entire outfit, but it still will inspire me to put some of the pieces together.

For instance the outfit above. Obviously I won’t be wearing shorts that short, since my legs are not that long, young or tan, BUT I can wear every single other piece pictured with my white jeans or walking shorts in white.


This is my go-to outfit! I love the pop of green in the shoes with this all black and white outfit.

$69 adorable maxi dress with stripes!

I am loving the return of the maxi this season. It is a dress-up, dress-down piece.

The biggest mistake I see women making when wearing a maxi is to place a regular lenght and weight cardigan over the dress. 

If you choose to put a light weight sweater over your shoulders, make sure it is a shorter length, one that hits right at the top of your waist, and is close to your body. It also needs to be a very light weight knit.

Love the cobalt with black and white with leather accents. LONGER shorts for me, but I would totally wear this.

Leather Sperry’s will stay in your wardrobe forever. Love the black and white top with the pop of cobalt blue.

Of course this lady will be wearing a longer pair of shorts. What I like about this outfit is the addition of the brown leather. It makes it look like you did not try too hard to make an outfit. The aviators make it fun and current.

cutest top

I can see myself wearing this blouse for years.

sheer fun
You all know I love stripes. I also have fun wearing polka dots from time to time.

Dress Alexander Wang blank low-slung belt and leopard , classic

Using accessories is what makes this simple maxi a stand-out. I would probably eliminate one of the cheetah prints. 

I would switch out the purse, or the shoes for simple black. Since the model is wearing tortoise sunglasses there needs to only be one more cheetah statement. IMHO
5 Summer Maxi Dresses You’ll Love |

This is just fun! I would add a pop of color in the small belt. I can see bright yellow, bright green, or turquoise in a patent belt.

Each and every piece I have shown you today I would wear and could plan my summer wardrobe with the above pieces.


I normally write about design on my blog, but fashion is another love of mine. I am thinking about taking one day a week to write a blog post about fashion.

Would you all enjoy this, or do you prefer all design/lifestyle related post? Kathysue’s inquiring mind would like to know.

You can see all of the above images, and more of what I like, on my pinterest board……..



Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I can appreciate your views on fashion. At this point in my life and lifestyle, I try and maintain a classic, simple age appropriate look. No trends or In Color outfits. My pieces have to last for years.
I wear tons of black and white, but my family and friends don't think it's very complimentary to my complexion..... But I don't care ....I wear it anyway!
BTW.. I do not wear ANYTHING sleeveless!!!

The enchanted home said...

Love when you talk fashion and I think its great to switch it up. I have started doing that too and I feel like your blog should be an honest reflection of ALL you love!! Great looks here....

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I like everything here! And I love the new longer lengths this summer.

I enjoy when you write about design and fashion. But above all you should post about what you want!

Sarah said...

Kathysue, as you mentioned in a recent email, you and I like many of the same things. I sincerely hope you will include fashion one day a week. I'll certainly take notice. Much of what is pictured here is in my summer wardrobe, though I don't wear the maxi dresses. Been there, done that in the 70s. I'll let the younger generation enjoy the look. In fact, I rarely will wear a dress. It's pants and shorts for me in the summer.
Thanks for the great post!

michele said...

when the spirit moves you, you should blog fashion lovely. we all have to get dressed--and we all need inspiration!



pam {simple details} said...

I love your fashion posts, Kathysue ~ you have such great taste & ideas! Keep 'em coming! :)

Jeanette said...

You know me, Kathysue, and you know I love fashion and your fashion posts. Once a week fashion talk sounds perfect to me!

Jeanette said...

You know me, Kathysue, and you know I love fashion and your fashion posts. Once a week fashion talk sounds perfect to me!

Victoria said...

Yes, please. I love fashion too and wold enjoy one day a week of your picks.
XO, Victoria

Debra Phillips said...

Yes please!
i love your sense of style. these days i will not buy a fashion magazine but love the doses i could get via you, go for it!

Ivy Lane said...

Fun post! I think I shall pull out my black and white Tee and white shorts today! Yes, I would enjoy it if you posted about fashion once a week!

:) Happy Weekend!


auntp said...

I think it's kind of fun to find some fashion inspiration on your design blog from time to time, sort of mixing it up, but that's just me. Lovely outfits and great ideas, as always!

Merlin said...

Fashion is FUN! Luv the green shoes, too! Bring it on. franki

Marty said...

Love all of your posts! Your fashion taste is really similar to mine. Keep posting and I'll keep reading!

Barbara said...

Love your fashion posts. I am shopping for a Mediterranean cruise in the Fall & I really think the older woman is being ignored by fashion, e.g. so many sleeveless tops. Clothes shopping for me is a chore. I would love to see some stores take a section of the shop & showcase appropriate outfits just for the older woman with accessories that work & then we could shop in one spot & feel well put together. We may be over 60 but we still want to look attractive & modern. My little rant is over.


Melinda said...

Love all these images and you have similar taste to mine, so happy to see you write about fashion if it interests you.

Jill Jones said...

I always enjoy your fashion and cosmetics posts. So informative and gets me thinking about how I could change things up in my daily routine. Go for it, Kathysue!!!

SHERRY HART said... has blurred lines for sure! I always love you fashion pins:)

Jaybird said...

Because your taste is wonderful, I would LOVE to see extra comments on fashion...but.....home decor is my first love :^)...I am not nearly as pretty as my house :^)