Sunday, July 21, 2013



Looking back on this week there were a few images that made me stop and take pause. I thought I would share them with you all today….

Her face fascinates me, draws me in William Adolphe Bouguereau.
There is something about this woman’s face that mesmerizes me. I am drawn in, I want to hear her story.

Quote About Taking Naps-Amazing

They really, really are!

"Angel of Grief," Rome made me cry
Oh my this pulled at my heartstrings big time!

I saw this next image and thought to myself, “This is a very easy schedule to follow and would definitely result in a clean house!”

this is an easy one to follow and would definitely keep the house clean Cleaning schedule

Are you ready to see an image that will make you say Ahhh!?

<3such a beautiful picture, just look at the color of her hair, so pretty.
I love this image! Such a precious baby girl, just look at her golden hair, perfectly highlighted by the sun. We big girls pay the big bucks to get this look and we never quite capture it.

.I wish I had a picture like this of my three son's. Oh how I miss my little boys

Talk about pulling at one’s heartstrings. Being a Mom of 3 sons I only wish I had a picture of my 3 little guys just like this. My how time flies!

.Time goes so fast
This really puts time in perspective, doesn’t it?

Stitchfork designs
I thought this was such a cute idea to embroider on a pillow. You can find it HERE!

Sea Captains home by Phoebe Howard

A blue and white bedroom is so serene and no one does it better than Phoebe Howard.

I will leave you all with this saying that will make you think!
Two things define you.

It is a brand new week, let’s make the best of it!!
Happy Sunday!




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The enchanted home said...

Wow so many great ones..that first picture is mesmerizing and love the poster about our kids growing up, brought tears to my eyes. I would give anything in the world to turn back the hands of time, you have no idea!

Have a great Sunday.

Merlin said...

This one just "pulled my heart strings." So very nice! Looking forward to the "showcase of homes, too!!" franki

michele said...

love that first image!



Toy Carli said...

All things good. I needed all of them this week. Next week is a new week. Thanks for the post. Fun.

Victoria said...

What a lovely post, Kathysue. As for the appeal of the first image, it is her eyes and her serene countenance. She looks like a renaissance painting.
XO, Victoria

Jenna LaFevor said...

Gorgeous! I am totally swooning over that carrara topped vanity! Beautiful! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof