Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pillows Are About To Change In My Room !


Kathysue is making plans again!! 

Time to give my family room it's summer look.

The quickest change out in a room are the accessories. I am starting with adding some new pillows in ocean inspired colors………

navy, cobalt to turquoise blues

PicMonkey Collage

These are some of the options I am looking at. I still need to receive a few more samples to make a final decision.

It helps me to do a collage of the patterns in the room. I do my collages on picmonkey, fast,free and easy!

First I add the patterns that will be staying in the room.

My sofa fabric…

essex sky blue

 My area rug…..


Here are few collages I put together with the sofa fabric, and the rug…….

In this combination the Ikat will go in my two white slipcovered chairs by the fireplace. The floral and the Ikat-dot will go on the sofa.

This combination is a bit more subtle in color than the first one. The first Ikat pattern would go in the white chairs and the other two patterns on the ticking sofa.

The first fabric would be in the white chairs, and the other two on the ticking sofa.

All of these work in theory, and look great on my monitor, but until I actually have the fabrics in the room I will not be able to tell if they will marry well to each other, or not.

Always work with your fabrics on-site before making any final decisions. The lighting, the surrounding wall color, and other elements in the room may or may not marry well to the fabrics.

Which combination do you like, or NOT, and why??

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Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I think they all would work. Wait, and see which fabrics work the best in the room. You will KNOW!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Kathysue, your living room is so pretty! Painting the fireplace white made such a tremendous difference. All of your fabric options are lovely so I don't know how you'll ever decide. PS I'm already following you on Bloglovin!

Melinda said...

Love all the cushions and combos. Will look so summery and fresh.

Donnamae said...

Well, since you asked, while I like them all...my preference is the first one. The chair pillows pick up both colors on the sofa nicely. I don't do bloglovin, I follow on email. Have fun making choices! ;)

Toy Carli said...

I love the changes to your room. I too think all three are nice. I prefer the third choice. I'm signed in to Bloglovin too. Have fun.

Kathysue said...

Thank you Donna and Toy for your opinions, I LOVE to hear what my readers think!!
Happy 4TH to all of YOU,
xo Kathysue

Jo Ann said...

Love your room! I like the 2nd best, however if I could switch something I would switch the middle pillow in #2 for the middle pillow in #3 :)


Kathysue....loving that touch of mint in the green! I think I like # 3 best....but I gotta tell you how much I love everyone of your choices! Isn't it fun to have neutral upholstry and change out the pillows!!!