Sunday, May 19, 2013

PPL! The Cheapest Design Elements For Your Home!


 Now what do those letters stand for? Paint, Plants and Light. "PPL" Remember those three letters as the cheapest decorating tools in your design arsenal.
I have found that those three items can change a look of a room more quickly, and less expensively than almost any other element.

Paint is always an obvious change in any room but lighting, and plants were a surprise to me.
This is how I discovered what a difference a plant could make in a room...........

 One day I took out two plants that I had in my living room to water them at the kitchen sink. As the plants were draining in the sink I walked by the living room and I actually gasped! 
The room that had looked warm and inviting now looked cold, and empty. What??!! How can two $10 plants make such a difference? Well trust me they did. 
I discovered that plants would then become one of the elements I could always afford  in my decorating arsenal.

Now for lighting, this is a vast subject so I will touch on the high points. Do you know how many light sources an average room should have?
 I read a little formula a long time ago that said  find your square footage (example 12ftx16ft = 192sq.ft) then multiply your square footage by 1.5 (192 x 1.5 =288) so that means your room will need 288 watts of lighting sources.An average room should have approx. 4-5 lamps.

 In my own family room that measures 17 x 20 I have 6 lamps,2 sconces and 2 uplights in the corners. 
Do you have enough lighting sources in your room? Most people don't so don't feel badly about that, just become a little more aware and it will help you see your rooms differently. I am going to show you a few rooms that have a good use of "PPL".

 The first picture is done by Brown Design Inc, now imagine this room painted in the wrong color, no plant, and maybe only the bedside lamps. Boring!
 Look at how many lights just in this one section of the room and the color of the paint keeps the room simple and fresh. 
Without that one plant and the bouquet of roses on the nightstand  the room might actually look bland. This is a great example of using "PPL"

In this next room the lighting is amazing. The over sized chandelier and the use of the strip lighting above the cornice molding absolutely breathtaking. Take away one of those lighting sources and the room is not nearly as spectacular.

 Notice the use of the plants, if those were not in the room the room would not have as much life to it. The subtle color keeps this room soft and inviting. I love the "PPL" in this room.

In this next room  we have an all white kitchen with some great old school lighting fixtures, perfect choice for the look of this room. 

The plants in this room come in the form of a beautiful floral bouquet and a bowl of crisp green apples on the counter top.

You see, bringing life to a room with plants doesn't always have to be the potted variety.

This is a bright and cheerful room with a lot of good natural light, but that did not stop them from putting two lamps on the console table, and a great overscaled lantern above the black table.

 The plant life here is of the potted variety but they are placed in just the right areas to make your eye travel around the room to the pops of the fresh green.
So remember PPL, Paint: is it time to make a change? 
Plants: Do you have any in your room? Lights: Do you have enough in your room?



Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I was very aware of the first P (paint) and the L but until recently never looked at the second P (plant). Since I added my yard's greenery, my rooms have stepped up many notches!

Stacey {steward of design} said...

Great post! Definitely will get me looking at my own rooms in a different light. (Pardon the pun)

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Great advice, I was just thinking about plants! Ned some and I guess I had better add two more lamps.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I do have plants and flowers in my home...but I do have to replace them often...I don't have a green thumb!

The enchanted home said...

Good advice! I prefer smaller plants like topiaries and moss balls over big plants but so agree no matter what size, they offer great impact!

The Buzz Blog said...

You've just coined a new decorating principle, Kathysue! We always say that flowers finish a room so why not invest in them - fresh or faux. We're putting the finishing touches on a project and will be picking out the lighting soon. Hope you have a great week!
C + C

Shalini Ganguli said...

Haha there was the 4Ps of marketing and now there is the 3Ps of design! Awesome post.

Nancy said...

Love this tip! never heard PPL, but it's something that will stick with me. Thanks KathySue! Have a great week.
xo Nancy

stephanie said...

Kathysue- what a great post. never thought of it like the three P's of design and didn't realize how important they are to a room. Love your posts!

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

I could not agree more. I am a lamp fanatic too. I rarely use overhead lighting anymore. I also think bulb wattage plays a very important role in the ambiance of a room. Nothing is worse than a pretty lamp and a bright 100 watt bulb. :-O LOL

Great advice for everyone! xxoo

Melinda said...

I agree - plants maketh a room!

Tiffany said...

You had me at cheap. I always forget the flowers. They do make such a difference.

The Pink Pagoda said...

I do not have enough light sources. That's something I've been thinking about and wanting to work on. Great information, Kathysue!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You are soooo right! We just did some painting and what a difference! You always give such great advice! xo

Stacy Gordon said...

I know exactly what you're saying. Last year while doing our living area, we planned to get some greenery around the corners and living area looks of-so-fresh!

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michele said...

oh lordy i need plants! more plants! all that is growing inside right now is some basil. preach it, mama.


Melinda said...

Yes, have lots of all three, probably too many!