Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tried And True Method For Purging Your Closet


Do You Find It Hard To Let Go Of Things?
I will never make a claim to fame about having an organized closet all of the time.

When in the mood, I truly love to organize just about anything, but getting in the mood is happening less and less lately.

Over the years I have tried many different types of organizing techniques. I have read many articles, and even books on this subject.

Are you all like me?!….. 

I am still looking for a way that I can keep more than I should have in my closet space, in an organized manner.

The truth of the story is, with out the space and proper storage no one can truly stay organized.

Most of us feel we lack proper space, but in my case, I have a nice size closet, not huge but it is a walk-in and 30 years ago it felt massive, now, not so much!!

The only way for me to make more space is  to get rid of things by purging.


Sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do is let go of things!!

It takes time, decision making skills, and letting go physically and emotionally of things.....
 ....That is a lot to swallow!!!

One thing that I have figured out over the years is when I start the process of purging it is very difficult to let go of things, but as time goes by, and I purge more and more, it becomes easier. 

So I figured out a way to make it less painful for myself.
I know you have all heard of making 3 piles, or use 3 boxes…

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective…..


I am sure we are all quite familiar with this method.

I like to add a couple more categories to the mix…..


Most of the time when we find it hard to let go of something we are unsure because:
1. We have an emotional attachment to the item
2. We think someone we care for might like it
3. We think it might have some monetary value

I have found that if I add an unsure box, sell box and a gift box to the keep and trash box, I can go quickly through the purging process.


Once I have sorted and purged everything I can go to the unsure box and put most of the items in one of the other boxes. It is at this point I have now become realistic and willing to let go of things.

This has worked for me and for others that I have helped in the purging process. Try it I think you might like it!

In my next post I will tell you all about a couple more techniques that have helped me in the organizing and purging process of my closet.

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carolyn bradford said...

Perfect post for me, Kathysue! We are so trying to be really good at doing this at this stage in our lives! We have very small closets because of our builder making huge mistakes…however, I could be much better at getting rid of things! I NEVER want to let go of anything! I always think I might want to wear it one day or I might fit into it soon…etc….Now, there is a wonderful Facebook site in our city called Mountain Brook Trading and it's revolutionized my life! I've been selling left and right and cleaning out galore! It's been glorious! And the money is going to our trips we have planned for our anniversary, etc. I plan on doing a post about this site because our town has had so many pop up since then. It's probably happening everywhere but it was new to me. Thanks for posting this! My goal is to become extremely organized in 2013…if and when we sell this house I want to know that when we pack up…it's only the important things!

Sarah said...

Kathysue, I need to purge my closet once again. I try to do it every season, but I'm one of those who has a difficult time letting go. I've let go of things to regret it later, so at times I'm really slow to let go. I'm going to try the box method. Thanks!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

In our closet, I have a number of garment bags that I hang most of my clothing in. The IKEA cabinets hold the jeans, undies, etc. It works OK....I hate to admit it, but I really don't have a lot of clothes???

Cheryl said...

On my list of Spring "to do's".......
It will be done, it will be done, it will be done!!!!

pretty pink tulips said...

Sometimes we just need the encouragement to do that which we know we should! Thanks for the inspiration to let things go!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

The Buzz Blog said...

We are huge purgers when it comes to our closet that way, we can go shopping again! Our rule of thumb is that if we haven't worn it once during the year, it goes... Wishing you a great weekend, Kathysue!
C + C

Beach House Living said...

Living in a closet space deprived home. I try the one thing in two things out. It does help minimize overflow a bit.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love those closets!...I have actually just started placing clothes into a very large bag headed to the local school charity store!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi Kathysue -
Yes, I need to do this!!! Spring is a great time, and I need to make this a priority. Our closets are quite small as we have an old house. Running out of room :(

Debra Phillips said...

i am hopeless at organization and my old house closets are dismally tiny. all makes for one big mess :-(

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I'm actually good a purging stuff that doesn't make sense to have anymore, my dislike of clutter trumps my angst of letting something go! WANT these closets though... Janell