Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laundry Room Ideas!


I haven’t written a laundry room post in a very long time. Lately I have been seeing more small laundry rooms pinned on pinterest that have caught my eye.

If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room maybe this post will give you some ideas.

What a great use of space. You will notice there are sliding doors that go into the side of the appliances. 

When you are done with the laundry everything can be hidden behind doors.

Don’t you love the pull-out hamper baskets? I really think this a great use of space.

Even if you only have a closet sized laundry room you can have all that you need if you plan it well.

The back splash is what caught my eye. I want something like this in my laundry room.

This is a much larger laundry room with great storage, love how the washer and dryer are concealed.

This image is a look that I truly love for a laundry room. Clean and sleek! 

Again, I am in love with the stainless back splash. I also love the garage door style frosted glass cabinets. 

 All I can say is this is just pretty!

Another great use of space. I use laundry baskets for my dirty clothes, we have them separated by whites, lights, darks, towels.

I only have room for two shelves, but I would like to have all four baskets on a shelf.

Here is my make-do, make-shift shelf made out of a Johnny pole for the bathroom. We just added a wire shelf on the very bottom to hold a basket.

More white stacked towels, these are my rags. I also love a good stack of white toilet paper. Yes, I am weird like that!!!

Last year we did a mini-makeover and we painted the room a pale blue, and added a new utility light in brushed stainless.

Laundry room 006 (800x625)

I also wanted to put my laundry detergent, softener etc. in some fun containers so I came up with this…….

Laundry room 008 (800x600)
All my cleaning supplies are in the blue and white striped baskets. The little white dish on top of the dryer is holding my dryer sheets.

I use a liquid detergent so a big drink container was the perfect solution for me. Almost like a beverage bar in the laundry room…..

Laundry room 002 (800x595)

My laundry room is very small as you can tell. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and functional at the same time.

Next on the agenda is more storage, and if I am lucky maybe a cool stainless backsplash!!

It doesn’t have to be big and full of cupboards to  look good, and be functional.

I hope you found some inspiration here today!


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Some great laundry room ideas you've shared here, I love them all! Thank goodnes I remodeled mine last August and I'm so happy with it. Thanks. Hugs,

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Kathysue you are worse than I am! Always into something.
I have the Laundry Room on the List, but have no idea when we'll get to it. I keep putting it off! Will see? I love the stainless backing!

Leslie said...

Practicality and beauty! We spend enough time in the laundry room so it pays to make it look pretty. Mine is ready for a little paint and reorganization! Thanks for all of these wonderful ideas ;)

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Your laundry room is so pretty, Kathysue! I want to add a narrow shelf behind my washer and dryer to close off the gap created by the dryer hose. I can't tell you how many times I've had to pull out the machines to rescue a piece of clothing that's fallen back there!
~ Wendi

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Some really nice ideas. My laundry room is a very sad area in the garage ~ utilitarian but not at all attractive...maybe some day...

An Eye for Detail said...

Oh my...I am trying to get a post up about our laundry room! This is taking much longer than I thought. Ours is really laundry and pantry and I have had so much fun designing it (had been a totally empty space i.e. junk room!) and is now such a pleasure to walk into. Stay tuned: I'll get it up for everyone eventually!!!

Kensie said...

Hi there. I have an over the toilet shelf thing life the one you have pictured. I use it for the same stuff by my washing machine :) But how did you add that lower shelf? I really like that idea.