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Friday, August 17, 2012

I Have A NEW Pinterest Board!!

Have you ever revisited your own Pinterest boards? I did that today, and I actually really enjoyed myself.

As I was perusing my own boards I thought to myself of how many clues,  there are to what a person really loves as far as their design aesthetic, or wardrobe.

I consistenly love an understated-elegant look.

I recently did a post titled, “What is Simple-Understated Elegance?” This is a look that I love for my own home and wardrobe.

On my Pinterest page I have a board called Beach Elegance because I love a beachy vibe with an elegant touch.

Nothing to thematic, or kitschy. It is a very fine line that I am careful to not cross when adding any beach elements to my home.

(Here is where the new board comes in.......)

Lately I have noticed I am drawn to rooms with a certain element. It is an element that if there is more than one would become to thematic for my taste, but if there is only one I love it!!

As if 194 boards weren’t enough I just added a new board today!! I called it……

Things I am loving at the moment!!

Once I started looking around for more rooms with this item I remembered to look on my own boards, and found quite a few examples of this element being used in a room……….

(only the models)

You can see why it is an element that if over done could become quite kitschy, or make a thematic room.

Let me show you some of the rooms that I am attracted too, and see if you agree they can be a beautiful room with an addition of a sailboat……….

I will start with one of my favorite rooms done by Sarah Richardson…..

Simple Elegance at it’s best!

I love the scale of this sailboat behind the sofa. 

I would probably eliminate the two beach pillows, but only because it takes it one step too close to being a beach themed room.

Remember I don’t want a themed room, I want the sailboat to seem like an important piece of art, or a part of family history.

A beautifully appointed, traditional room. They have shells in the apothecary jars, and the sailboats, but all the other elements are quite traditional.

Simple and cozy room with only a sailboat that takes a nod towards the water. I also love the furniture arrangement in this room. Notice the stunning light sconces.

As much as I love the colors in this room it is just a step too close to being too thematic for me.

 I would have to eliminate the pillow, and the flags. I might keep the oars, I find those interesting.

What I do love about this room is the placement of the ship, and the large scale.

Speaking of large scale take a look at this beauty…………

I am pretty much in love with this room. Simple, clean, fresh and a nod to the ocean.

Love this simple entry. Notice the large scaled ship?! I don’t even mind the other sailboats in this arrangement. Simplicity keeps it to my liking.

Another simple look with a sailboat behind the sofa.

Years ago we had a room that was nautical themed, it looks like I might be going back to my roots. This time it will be on a simpler, more elegant level.

How about you, do you find that you are drawn to an element consistently, and yet you do not have it in your home? What is it for you?

I think I see a sailboat in my future!!!

I think I will be,
“Enjoying The Process” of:

Finding just the right sailboat!!!

If you would like to visit my Pinterest boards go:

Here for Beach Elegance
Here for Things I am loving now.



The enchanted home said...

LOVE all of these pictures..reminds me of how much I want a beach house:) Your pinterest boards are incredibly beautiful!

Have a great weekend.

michele said...

i have a driftwood sailboat made for me by a brilliant blogger, and i treasure it!

happy pinning, friend.


NanaDiana said...

LOL- You are TOO MUCH, Kathysue. I hear you though~We had a live aboard that we spent 4 summers on and I loved every minute of it- waking up on the water- driving to work and then back home again- xo Diana

carolyn bradford said...

I love your Pinterest boards! I wish I could show you my sailboats at our beach house! I had always wanted them and was so glad to have a place to put them! Why I don't put them in my home in Birmingham is beyond me! They make me happy so maybe I should bring one home with me next time we go! So glad you did this post! Hope you are doing well!

Woodside Park said...

Hi, Kathysue!
I love your Pinterest boards. And so do many others....you have quite the following :) Those large sailboats are divine. Love their scale! Have a great weekend.

helen tilston said...

These are beautiful Kathysue

They put me in mind of my art partner MaryRose's cottage. Her husband, an architect, in his leisure design and creates sail boat models. Some patterns are quite intricate too.
His most recent is a blue nose schooner,replete with the Canadian 10c coin which depicts this boat.

I like you concept here

Have a wonderful weekend

Helen xx

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How nice to be at the beach and out of this horribly hot weather. A sailboat would be wonderful...except, I get very seasick!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue.... Great idea for a board. Love Pinterest.

Jules said...

I follow all your boards religiously as you may have noticed!!!! Repin or like most of your pins!! We do seem to like the same things. Sorry I am so lazy at the moment and don't tell you how much I enjoy your posts Kathsue. The ennui is a constant in my life at present but every now and then I do believe it might be leaving and I may be finding some enthusiasm for life again!!!! I am off to visit your new board and hope to get back here soon xx

Merlin said...

We, too, have a large sailboat on top of the tv armoire at the lake. Now...kitschy are not.,.I placed an oil painting of ocean waves with a sailboat far off on the horizon in back of it. It makes for a 3-D effect and takes me away. :) franki

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

This is just the look my son has always had in his homes. He has several large scaled sailboats too and he also used vintage oars from an antique shop as curtain rods in his kitchen once. (MY SUGGESTION<LOL). Love all these pictures. Will have to go over and check out your new board. XO

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I love every single room in this post and even though I'm not a sailor I sure do love the water. I haven't looked at my own Pinterest boards for ages. Should be interesting. :o)

Unknown said...

Great photos of sailboats. I love the look plus I like to sail! Wanda

StagerLinda said...

Sailboats are simply the best. They make you yearn to be on the water and free. I think that is why the are so welcome in decor. They are both beautiful and allow you to dream.

Stacy CUrran said...

I used a sailboat on the mantel of a client's home. It was a really good one, and it looked amazing! I totally agree about taking it easy on the nautical items before it becomes a themed room though.


Yep....these rooms are fabulous Kathysue! So "Nantucket"....I love the simple power of a perfect accessory in a room....that speaks volumes.