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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Colors I Will Be Wearing This Fall


bright greencamelcobalt

Every year right before we actually start experiencing Fall weather I take an inventory of my Fall/Winter clothing.

I like to add a pop of color to my core pieces of black,white, and camel.

Green, and blues are usually my choices so I go with a deeper hue of a bright green and cobalt blue.

I love these colors together and can mix and match easily in my wardrobe.

This year a color I am seeing quite often is mustard. Mustard looks so pretty with navy blue or black.
NavySwatchmustardbright green

I enjoy wearing this color, and I can add it to the other colors in my wardrobe easily.

( I have the blouse [√], have the sweater [√], have the pearls [√]!!)

(These are Tory burch mocs, mine are all mustard, but very similar in style to these.)

Yesterday I picked up a cute mustard cardigan, and a pair of Cole Haan leather mustard driving Mocs at TJMaxx. 

The shoes were the steal of the day at $59 instead of $198.

I have had these shoes on my radar since last year so I was a very excited girl to have found them. 

Visualize older woman doing a happy dance in cute mustard loafers!!

Just a little preview of what I have been up to inside my closet.

How about you all, what new color or colors are you adding to your existing wardrobe for Fall?



Toy Carli said...

I am so jealous you found mustard Cole H. loafers at TJM. Good for you. I'm going tomorrow to see if there are any more in my size! Great colors in your blog; and a good reminder that Fall is around the corner and "Paris" for you!!!! I am not sure what colors I'll be wearing for Fall; however, I'm going to try to find something outside my comfort zone, maybe for my home too. Just gotta do it. It's now or never.

michele said...

i'll be wearing mustard too, and i need to lend you my swedish green clutch! loved seeing that hue here!

love to you.


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Not too good with mustard or green, but I am looking for those blues...

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I will take one of everything... and two of that gorgeous bracelet!

carolyn bradford said...

Love this! I'm counting on all of my stylish blogging friends to tell me what to mix in! I hate trying to figure out fashion trends and yet I love them! I guess I need a personal shopper! Love the shoes and you are most definitely NOT an older woman! Great post! Thanks for sharing! These are all of my favorite colors to wear as well!!!

NanaDiana said...

I am a black and tan kinda gal. But do pop in with green quite often. Gold is also a color I wear well with my coloring. LOVE those shoes you found!!! xo Diana

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Oh those new shoes are so cute! What a great find.

The enchanted home said...

Love when you do these fashion posts...they are so thorugh and well done. LOVE the pop of green and the rich tans are always a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe! Love it all.

Completely Coastal said...

I love the blue and green color combination... could totally see myself in those blue jeans, paired with green sweater. Awesome! Somehow I manage to always end up with black or white on top. LOL.

Merlin said...

Nice! I'm really "feeling" the NEW & Improved :) burgundy/purple color. franki

Victoria said...

I love your color combos, but I live in Florida and rarely have the opportunity to wear fall clothes.

Melinda said...

Can I be wearing them too? Love these looks, pinned immediately.


Boy...love that first outfit so dang much! Also love the shoes you scored...I smell a trip to TJ Maxx!