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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remember My New Bed?

   (Allesandra bed)

I  have had a few readers ask me about my new bed that I ordered in February. Yes, that is right it was ordered in February, and we still do not have it!!

There have been several delays due to manufacturing problems.

What problems? You might ask. That is the real problem, I have not been given a straight answer.

We have been told:

1.The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.(Yes, I was told that several times!)

2.We don’t really know what the problem is, we can’t get a straight answer from the manufacture.(You should know!)

3.Now the owner of Ethan Allen is getting involved.(I think he owes me a call!)

4.Now the big boss that is over all Ethan Allen’s is involved.(it's about time!)

I will have to admit there has been a great deal of time that I really did not mind it not being here because my attention was elsewhere due to LIFE!!!

BUT!!! Now I am angry.I told them how angry I am, and that I feel this is a red flag that there is some kind of financial problem. 

I was assured there is  absolutely not any financial problem within Ethan Allen, it is strictly the manufacture. (I feel like there should be some kind of compensation for this mammoth delay.)

My bed is suppose to be at Ethan Allen July 24th, and a few days after that it is suppose to be delivered.

To say I am a bit nervous is an understatement. If there have been so many problems getting it, what condition will it be when we get it?

I will say this, if it is not perfect I am getting my money back, and starting over. Luckily we only gave them a deposit.

I have done business with Ethan Allen before, and have never had any problems.

I have never had anything back ordered this many times due to manufacturing problems.

It seems to me that someone's cage needs to be rattled.

I am very patient when it comes to waiting for what I really want, but this is beyond ridiculous.

I hope this answers the question, “Where Is Your New Bed?!”

Hopefully it is on it’s way!!!

Have any of you ever had anything like this happen to You? What would you do in this case?


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, I have been hearing that Ethan Allen is not what it use to be. So frustrating...good luck!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

So sorry, Kathysue! I know you are frustrated. It seems that everything operates this way any more. What happened to good customer service? Companies have just gotten too big for their britches! Keeping my fingers crossed for the 24th!...hugs...Debbie

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I know it sometimes takes long for furniture to be ordered, made, etc. but what you have been through is uncalled for! Especially from a company such as Ethan Allen! July 24th should be the last chance you give them, before all ....breaks out....and if there is anything, I mean anything wrong with it! OMG, Be firm, go to the CEO and politely express you have your deposit returned. Good luck and keep us posted.Patty

michele said...

thanks for the heads up, kathysue. there is no reason they should not be able to track the bed and honestly communicate to you why the delay is outta hand.

fingers crossed for you!



vignette design said...

Sounds like a nightmare! I hope your bed arrives exactly the way you pictured it with no problems. Fingers crossed....

Linda Hartong said...

I have had similar problems with Ethan Allen. Very frustrating.

Down Raspberry Lane said...

I ordered a sofa and 2 chairs from them in March, and had them by May, but it still took a month longer for the sofa than they told me. I'm sure everything is being manufactured overseas like everything else these days. Would solve a host of problems if they'd go back to making U.S. products in the U.S.!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is way too long to wait and for a company as high dollar as Ethan Allen it is uncalled for. I waited four months sot get a sofa from Pottery Barn because the first one got lost and I got the run around, too. After I threatened to cancel the order they got a new one right out to me. I hope you get your bed soon like they said.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I'm seeing this more and more. Companies are not stocking merchandise due to the economy, and many of the smaller manufacturers that the big guys are buying from are having a hard time. I've seen more backorders and out of stock items than ever before. I've heard that things are recovering, but I think this is a classic example that we still have a ways to go. Ethan Allen probably needs to find a new vendor for it's bed frames!

Stacy CUrran said...

Oh Kathysue. In the last year, I have done two orders with two different EA stores in my area. The first, a sofa, was 8 months - delayed three times of 6 weeks each because of "manufacturing delays." The second order, for 8 dining chairs, was delayed about two months for "quality control" issues. We did get both orders in the end, and the pieces were nice, but what a nightmare both times. The quality is good, but for the inflated (in my opinion) prices, they ought to get their act together!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

How frustrating for you, Kathysue. I hope it gets delivered next week, and is in perfect condition!
Have a happy day,
Wendi xo

Toy Carli said...

You're way too patient. If I were you, I'd call Michael Finney (KGO-TV) "Contact 7 on Your Side." You can do it online. These are exactly the kinds of issues he likes to fix. Most people get satisfaction within a week.

Diane said...

I had this happen with a leather chair I ordered from Thomasville only to finally be told 4 months later that the chair was unavailable due to manufacturing problems somewhere in south america (What?!) Needless to say I cancelled that order and went elsewhere.

Ethan Allen is usually pretty good so you are wise to be a bit concerned about the real reason. I would defnitely try for some sort of consideration due to your inconvenience but good luck with that....I ordered an ottoman that came in completely wrong (fabric, trim etc) and was only told sorry, it would still take another 4 weeks or so and they do not compensate their customers. Go figure..

hope your bed arrives and you love it as much as you originally did.

Karen said...

How frustrating that must be. We had a similar situation years ago with a sofa we ordered and it ended up that the company was going through a leveraged buyout. Luckily my MIL's best friend is a designer and told us to get our money back STAT. Hope all ends well for your bed, it wouldn't be fun to have to start over after all the research you did.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I have a house full of Ethan Allen...I used to love Ethan Allen and then noticed that their customer service was not what it used to be and also the quality for that matter...My last dealing with them was ordering an armoire...had to have them take it back 3 times as those pieces were defective...we finally got a "good one"...So sorry that you are experiencing this..I hope they compensate you in some way for all of your trouble!!


Oh my goodness..Ethan Allen!!.. that used to be right on time and delivered everything they offered..what's going on, since February!! My parents used to buy their good furniture there when I was a kid and young woman and it wasn't cheap stuff either! My daughter Sofia bought two complete sets of bedroom furniture for her little girls's rooms from POTTERY BARN and they delivered in a 1 1/2 mths., to ECUADOR!!!I think my hubs would have already cancel or send them to hell and back! Hope you get the beautiful bed soon sweetie, can't wait to see it in your bedroom!

NanaDiana said...

I had the same thing happen with a light fixture. It took me 10 months to get it....but it was worth the wait. They traced it down to the harbor in NYC and it took almost months to get it after that- UGH! Good luck- xo Diana

Victoria said...

Yes, Kathysue, I feel your pain. I am in the 14th month of my kitchen renovation. It took six and a half months for my travertine hood to arrive (they said three months) and it was far from perfect. I ordered high-end cabinets from a well-known company. Half the cabinets had noxious fumes emanating from the paint glaze. the fumes gave people instant headaches. They sent a rep who was obnoxious and unhelpful and told me the odor was normal. I had to threaten to contact the CEO before they would agree to replace the cabinets with new ones. Unfortunately these have an odor as well. I decided not to deal with it for two weeks while I visit my darling grandson...much more fun. There is time enough for more aggravation when I get back.

I hope your bed arrives and you are happy with it.

Christy said...

Kathy Sue,

I totally understand your frustration with Ethan Allen. As much as I enjoy their furnishings, I too have had issues with delivery.

I ordered a sectional, ottoman, chair, china cabinet, dining table, chairs, bar stools, and an entertainment center all at one time. I was given a 6 week delivery window. I patiently waited only to get bits and pieces (throw pillows and an ottoman) delivered around 8 weeks+. I was patient and kind during my multiple phone calls. Within a few weeks later we received everything except the sectional and was told at that time it would be delayed due to the fabric we had selected was no longer available. I was completely dismayed. Why on earth did they wait 12+ weeks to tell me this?? So I had a consultation with the designer and picked out a replacement fabric. They didn't have an actual sample I could see in person so I chose a herringbone that looked really nice in the catalog. About 8 weeks later I received a sectional in a loose weave that was definitely not the same fabric pictured in the sample I had selected. I was so upset! The down feathers in the cushions were already popping through upon delivery. I called them and let them know how disappointed I was with the fabric and they wouldn't acknowledge that the fabric was incorrect and simply assured me that was natural to lose feathers for the first few weeks. Well, the feathers kept coming through the fabric of course and no one wanted to deal with the issue. It was never resolved. The fabric never held up well, faded within weeks and has continually shed feathers ever since.

I can say though that the sectional is very comfortable and has a sturdy frame. I just wish the fabric was what I had ordered. The other furniture I have purchased over the years is so beautiful that I have actually shopped with them since and go into it expecting delays, etc. That way I am not disappointed! You can be sure I will not order upholstery without seeing it in person first.

I hope your bed arrives soon and that it is all that you were hoping it would be and more!

PS...I can't imagine running a business like this. Can you?

The enchanted home said...

SO annoying!! I say at this point you should be given half ownership of Ethan Allen..lol! Seriously its a beautiful bed so I say its worth the wait IF it happens soon otherwise I would start looking for another.....i do have an idea for a very very similiar bed if you are interested, email me. Hope you don't need to though! Good luck....and hope they do "the right thing"!

The Decor Girl said...

Kathy Sue, can I just say this is one of the reasons people go to designers - we remove this headache from the equation. To a big retailer the consumer is, important but not so much and good service is an anomaly. With a designer (no this does not mean any of it costs more either) we have better relationships with our manufacturers and they listen. Problems happen but it how they are handled which matters. So sorry you are not enjoying your new bed.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. You have been so excited and looking forward to this for so long! I would be on them too.
Keep us posted. Inquiring minds won't to know.
Happy Wednesday.

Kathysue said...

Hi Decor Girl, I worked as a designer for 30 years and I am not sure a designer would have made any difference other than to pacify me with better answers or at least maybe more truthful answers. I do agree a designer is necessary in pulling a room together and can make it a much more pleasant and an easier experience, but they could not get the bed here any faster if it is a manufacturing problem.

Brooke said...

How frustrating! Fingers are crossed that the bed will be there when it's suppose to be and that it will be in perfect condition!

Lana said...

Customer service is so important in today's market. It does not reflect well on the company to not be dealing with this more effectively. These are the things that people remember, and do make you question how financially sound they are. With a company that has been around as long as they have they should have a policy and plan for dealing with delays and notify and keep customers up to date before they have to start asking questions. It is not very professional on their part.

Sarah said...

Waiting ~ Waiting ~ Waiting! You have been more than patient. EA should make some compensation for this. The fact that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing isn't an answer for the client. It's an excuse and not acceptable. Good luck with this issue. Hope the bed arrives soon and is as expected.

Things That Inspire said...

Hello! I have been getting back into blogging and back into reading my favorite blogs!

It sounds like you have had a tough few months, and a furniture snafu is the last thing you need!

We just had a rug delivered at the end of May - and guess when we ordered it? Mid-August 2011!!! Now, this rug was custom made for our living room, so somewhat understandable. Your bed is from a major manufacturer that is supposed to deliver within a reasonable timeframe!

The bed sure is pretty, though - I am sure you will love it, and once it has been in place for a month you will forget about all of this time waiting - but it is frustrating nonetheless.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!