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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking Forward To SPRING!!


The last week or so I have been totally immersed in my master bedroom, and trying to figure out all the details.

I thought I would give my brain a break today, and think about SPRING! Spring is my favorite season. I love the perfect temperatures, all the beautiful flowers blooming, the fresh color of new grass. I just love it all.

I am so glad to see color in this years predictions for Springs color forecast.

I love color, and enjoy adding it in my wardrobe and this Spring is no exception.

Here are some of the colors you will be seeing me wear……..

Bright Yellow





Of course all of these Springy colors will be added to my black and white based wardrobe.

I thought I would show you some outfits and patterns in clothing that I am attracted too….

First let me show you my uniform:

Pretty basic, don’t you think? White jeans and stripes! If I add a variation in the shoes and the accessories   I am good to go.

Now let’s get too the fun, and colorful ideas that have inspired me in some of my choices for the upcoming Spring/Summer season…….

Bright yellow, stripes and a touch of turquoise, Perfection!

How about mixing stripes with a graphic floral. As long as you keep it in same color family you can mix it up!!
I love skirts for the summer in lieu of shorts, which I will only wear walking shorts that come to right above my knee. Skirts are so much cooler to wear than a pair of pants.

I love the color combination here! I actually have this sweater, and I have worn it  so many times already I like to mix it up a bit with my navy and white checked blouse!!

A fun scarf, some pretty accessories, and a plain white t-shirt and jeans can look fun and fresh!

I have shown you lots of stripes(my first love), now I am going to show you another love of mine…….

How about mixing stripes with polka dots? I love this look, of course my white shorts will be much longer than the model in the above image. Notice the larger polka dot belt? Nice touch!

This Trina Turk dress is a classic piece that I think would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s Spring wardrobe.
If you don’t feel like adding polka dots to a staple in your wardrobe how about a fun scarf?

I have so many more fun and inspirational pieces pinned on my pinboards over at Pinterest. If any of you are interested in more Spring inspiration for your wardrobes just click HERE to go and have a look.

I am, “Enjoying the Process!” Of:

Looking Forward To Spring! 

BTW: Tomorrow I will be taking a trip to Alameda to go to my friend’s Terri’s Prop Shop Sale!! You can go to her Blog La Dolfina for all the particulars!! I can hardly wait to see all of her wonderful treasures!



Karen said...

Your taste in fashion really mirrors your taste in design. The outfits remind me of the room you decorated for the grandkids. I sooo want that first striped bag, it would be perfect for taking on vacation.

The enchanted home said...

OMG I LOVE this post!!!!!! Every single one of those outfits is something I would wear, classic, chic and simple. Just beautiful! I too am excited about spring....time to usher in that warm air and start being outside again! It won't happen for at least a month or so around here, but I see the light.
Love all the beautiful inspiration and pops of color, makes you have a little more pep in your step...this is a keeper Kathysue.

The Buzz Blog said...

Loving your spring inspirations, Kathysue - the pops of color, the polka dots, the colorful flats - I would wear any and all of this, too!

helen tilston said...

Hello Kathysue

I love your colours and how you have created these boards. How fabulous you are going to see Terri from La Dolphina tomorrow. What fun. Give her a hug from me

Helen xx

michele said...

love the outfits you put together, kathysue. i would wear everything but the ballet flats. these just do not work on me anymore. i'm childsized as it is so the style of these shoes ends up making me look creepy!

i will never tire of all the stripes.


savvycityfarmer said...

I just shuffled thru her entire garage and bought it all,

I wish

she's gonna rock!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I need to go shopping! To many cute things...Have fun at the sale. Cant wait to see what you get.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I'm not much of a clothes shopper, but you make me want to buy a few new pretty things for spring!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I adore every one of these outfits and could see wearing maybe that kelly green ensemble with the navy cardigan to Terri's Prop Shop Sale! Oh how I wished I lived closer. Can't wait to see what you come home with!

Lee said...

Emerald and navy, emerald and turquoise/aqua -- those combo's are lovely and I will be looking for them. Like those colors in my home too. fun post!

Stacy CUrran said...

Kathysue, I haven't had a chance to get back to you on the sweetest email you wrote back to me last week. It meant the world to me, and I hope you know that. I feel badly that I didn't even acknowledge it. We've been so busy trying to get my mom a driver, etc. But, I'm hoping things are coming together and I;ll be back soon to read and comment on uplifting posts like this one! Thank you again for your friendship -- it's so important to me!
xo Stacy