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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Get To Buy A New Piece Of Furniture!!


I am the kind of girl that gets beyond thrilled for the opportunity to look at, or buy a new piece of furniture for my home. I am sure I am not alone in this.

However, I am about to be in this situation, and I am not as thrilled as I should be. What?! You might ask!


I am about to start looking for a new bed because we are graduating to a King size bed after years of sleeping on a Queen.

I have what I think is a beautiful bedroom set. I am not normally a set kind of gal, but this particular set caught my eye over seven years ago. We got it to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.

The above images are of my existing bedroom set. The bed is a canopy frame with side panels at the head of the bed. This is a picture of our armoire, and we even got the sink vanity to go with our set since it is in such close proximity to the armoire.

Throughout this post you will see images I have collected of rooms that are attractive to me for one reason or another.

I won’t bore you will all the reasons why we are getting a king size bed, you can probably figure that out on your own.

So now I am in a situation that I normally would love to be in, I get to  buy a new piece of furniture,and new bedding. My problem is I truly love what I have!

I am pretty set  that I will be sticking with a piece that will go with the nightstands, and my existing armoire. I also will be buying all white or very, very, pale blue bedding similar to what I have now.

I  have had the Hotel duvet for about twenty years.  I still love it, but I might be getting something without the Hotel stitching this time around.

So basically I will be looking for a cream headboard and either white or, soft blue bedding.

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

I have found a few beds that look interesting to me, and will be checking them out in the next couple of days.

They are at Ethan Allen, a local store that we bought our original set from.

Here is what I am considering:
Please feel free to chime in and leave me a comment on which bed you like the best for my situation!!

BED #1

This first bed is from their French collection, and I think it is the closest in matching the finish that is on my existing furniture which was in their Swedish Country Collection, which unfortunately they no longer carry anymore.

It is a bit more detailed than the other pieces that I have, but I think I could make it work.

The apprehensions I have with this one are, will it take my room in a different direction? Is it too fancy? I like my room  to feel simple, calm and fresh.

BED #2

This bed is in their New Country Collection, and it is probably more in keeping with the look/style of my existing pieces, but I am not sure the finish will work. I will be able to tell better once I see it in the store.
I could keep my bedding simple with this bed, and it would look more than appropriate.

My reluctance with this bed is, will it be too chunky, and massive looking in a King size? That is yet to be seen.

BED #3

I would not have to worry about the finish on this bed because it is upholstered, and I would either have it done in a simple white or cream fabric. The details are really quite pretty, and it would work with the overall feel and style of the bedroom. 

My reluctance with this bed is it too trendy for me? Upholstered beds have been around for a long time, and I am not sure that I would not tire of it quickly. 

So there you have it!!  My somewhat of a dilemma!

I am going to be looking at beds today, wish me luck!!

I am going to try to:

“Enjoy The Process!”



Saucy Siciliana said...

I'll take them all!!! Gorgeous pictures! I am following you from Rome, Italy. I love your Valentine food suggestions, I would eat those cookies right now. Come and have some of mine if you like:)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

I like #1, Kathysue...and not just because it is frenchy looking! lol To me, it goes better with what you already have! Love the photos you showed us! Have a great day!...hugs...Debbie

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

They all look fabulous. I love #1. I think it is so pretty and doesn't look too ornate to me. I know you will pick the perfect piece. Hugs, marty

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Hi Kathysue! My vote is the Elise bed, the first one. I think the lines and detail are so gorgeous, and are a nice offset to the straight lines of some of the other pieces. I just have loved that bed since it was introduced. The caning is so beautiful. Good luck, and I'm living vicariously. Would love a new bed!!

Stacy CUrran said...

I like the third one, but I think it might change the feel of your room because it is more modern? I do think once you had shams on it, it would not feel so tall. I also like the first one, which seems to match your other pieces well. I know Layla Grayce is very expensive, but you might look there for styles, too. I love everything they have! Good luck my friend...I think you'll get excited when you see one you truly love

Unknown said...

How fun to make a new purchase. I love the look of the second bed, but I too think it will look huge in a king size. Footboards just take up alot of space. Personally, I like the upholstered bed. I don't think you have to worry about it going out of style and I love the versatility of it. You can always recover it if you need a change. Have fun making your selection!!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Your bedroom is beautiful and you must post more photos of the bath area with the tile up to the ceiling behind the sink! Gorgeous!


p.s. LOVE to shop for a new piece of furniture, and from now on I'll do so with more patience to make sure I make JUST the right selection!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

You will love a king bed! Your current furniture is gorgeous! I'm partial to the upholstered bed just b/c I've been wanting one myself. Good point you bring up about being too trendy. I actually love the metal frame in pic #11. I think it would be a great match to the pulls on your existing furniture. It's thin and not heavy yet it would make a nice contrast to all the light colors. That's just a thought. Love all your choices. Can't go wrong!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

They are all so nice and would all fit in stylistically ~ the uphostered one is really nice and could always be changed, that might be an asset.

michele said...

i am totally feelin your mixed feelings about the selection. our bedroom is very similar to yours and our bed is more farmhouse with wide bead board. i would suggest thinking of words tht describe your aesthetic in general and then apply them to each bed option. which one fits the best? we love our king size bed!!!!


Jeanette said...

Kathysue, your bedroom is beautiful and I can understand why you have mixed feelings about making a change, but that king bed will be a good thing. My vote is for bed #1. You will have fun shopping, as I know you always enjoy the process, no matter what it is you are doing. (smile). Hugs, Jeanette

Jeanette said...

Kathysue, your bedroom is beautiful and I can understand why you have mixed feelings about making a change, but that king bed will be a good thing. My vote is for bed #1. You will have fun shopping, as I know you always enjoy the process, no matter what it is you are doing. (smile). Hugs, Jeanette

John said...

Whew, good luck on your shopping. I'm really partial to natural wood finishes but like the #1. Pretty "scoopy" (not a word!) but I like the wicker or cane woven into the head and foot boards. Been using that on some furniture and it lightens the over-all look.

sarah said...

bed number three would look great with what you have in there already. yay for new stuff!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I love the last headboard!
I can assure you that you will love a king sized bed. It may not be quite as pretty, but a queen is just not large enough for two people to stretch out! You can most likely fold your hotel duvet a the foot of the king size bed. I did, and it looked beautiful.
Have fun shopping.

Brenda said...

They are all so beautiful, why can't you have three beds? :)
You make it hard to choose. I am drawn to the second bed but agree it could look quite large.
The third one would be charming.

Mary said...

I love bed one, but in my humble opinion it conflicts with the straight lines of the armoire.

I am not a fan of the fabric head boards, especially if the foot board is cloth too. They just seem like they hold dust, and I can only imagine that the fabric would get torn if the vacuum cleaner bumps into them.

I like several of the iron/steel bed frames that you posted. Have you thought of a metal bed in the same finish as the pulls on the armoire? I was thinking Ethan Allen carried metal beds? Maybe they aren't strong enough for a king. I've not investigated.

I am sure the Ethan Allen sales people will be able to find the right match for you.

I can't wait to see what you select. Furniture shopping is super fun to me!

Karen said...

I LOVE #3! The upholstered headboard looks so comfortable for reading in bed.

The enchanted home said...

This post has me soooo wanting to jump back into bed, if I didn't have people working here, I might just do that!
So many GORGEOUS bedrooms! I personally love the first choice, why? Well it looks almost exactly like my own bed, lol! It is such a classic timeless look, and I have had mine for about 10 years and still love it as much as I did the day I got it. I don't think you will be sorry....your bedroom is so pretty but I know you are going to love a king bed even more! Cannot wait to see what you do!! You are on a beautiful track.....

Libby said...

I think Bed #2 is just too chunky; and you're right, in the king size it could be just overwhelming. I also think #3 would be overwhelming... maybe it's the solid ecru more than anything. I've never had an upholstered headboard; I tend to steer clear of them.
So... my vote is for #1. We too bought our bed at Ethan Allen about 20 years ago and have NO regrets.
But they real question is: what kind of mattress??? Are you going to get the foam? We just love ours (after the initial warm/heat issue which disappeared in a few weeks) and would recommend them to anyone!
Can't wait to hear more!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I love bed #2! Hope you have fun buying your new bed and linens, you lucky girl!
~ Wendi ~

Melinda said...

Love your bedroom set currently - wish we had a four poster bed. I've been trying to convince my husband we should get one. I think you bedroom is beautiful but if you're changing it then go for something completely different - I think #3 is fabulous and can still look pretty and feminine and soft with all the right trimmings!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Kathysue...In the end, it is what your heart leads you to...i know with your impeccable taste you will make the right decision.

i like the 3rd bed..I do not think the upholstered beds are trendy..Hey, you can see them in the archives of great decorating books. I feel that they are classic and if you need a change, then you always have the option to update it with another fabric...

Go with your heart and your room will be spectacular!

Goldie Stetten said...

I think a simple lined metal canopy would be your most sofisticated choice. Mixing not matching and pulling it off is the educated challenge. Since you have matching nightstands a different material all together would be great. Thanks for your wonderful posts, I always look forward to getting them. Your boards on pinterest are the best!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** This is SOOO EXCITING for US, as WELL as YOU~~~ I think it's always sooooo FUN to SHOP... ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, "I'MA READY!"...!!!

*** OKAY, girlfriend, I AM PARTIAL to the SENSUOUS EXPERIENCE of an UBER CHARMING, ALWAYS STYLISH & OH-SO-SOFFFFT UPHOLSTERED BED (w/ NO footboard, and sideboards NOT "showing", so they don't have to be fabric & get dirty, annnnd the bed will take up LESS ROOM... a BIG BONUS for ya, me thinketh!!!)...

*** Come to think of it, & how to make a "GOOD" decision you'll be happy with for a lonnnngggg time, think of it as finding/choosing YOUR HUSBAND~~~~~~~~~~~~ You just kinda K*N*E*W when H*E was "T*H*E ONE", huh?!?!?!

Warmest hugs & HAVE F*U*N!!! Wish SO MUCH I could join you, FIND "THE O*N*E", and then go out for a GREAAAT LUNCH to celebrate!!!

Linda (you know, as "in AZ *!!!)

P.S. Not only do I ADORE an upholstered bed, but you can have SLIPCOVERS made, especially if you're like me and CONSTANTLY wanting/needing/making a "little change" (well, JIM doesn't think they're so "little")!!! (Note: ONE thing I've thought alot about, & know I'd LOVE, is a FAB Ralph plaid on OUR HEADBOARD for the holidays (maybe even monogrammed?!), with everything else on the bed WHITE, and lotsa narcissus everywhere in wonderful old pots/baskets & a few faux furs around, along w/ a collection of antique/vintage or just "old" Christmas books, which I DO collect & SO ENJOY... and don't EVEN get me on the STRIPED HEADBOARD SLIPCOVER I'd do for the HOT SUMMER MONTHS here in AZ!!!)...

Victoria said...

I would choose #1 from the French collection. I think the color and style would harmonize with your current pieces and it is a classic Louis XVI style that would never be out of fashion.

I am concerned, as you are, that #2 could look too chunky and #3 with its upholstered bed frame could look a little too contemporary. Maybe if it was just the headboard it would suit your furniture better.

Having said all that, all three are lovely and your bedding choices could make it suit any style you wanted.

All the best...Victoria

Just Spiff It said...

Oh! I totally get why you are going to a king size bed. Always the wife's decision!! Going with an upholstered bed was the easy part for me - but I could not decide between a Tempur-pedic or a Sleep Number bed. Ended up with a Sleep Number and love it.

helen tilston said...

Hi Kathysue

How exciting to be searching for a new bed.

Is wrought iron an option? I love, no 10 I think, the wrought iron with the blue striped duvet.

Good luck with your choices


Anonymous said...

I vote for bed #1. (I just might take a look at this one for my own bedroom.) I don't think it's too fancy, especially if your bedding will remain relatively simple. Also, bed #1, to me, is more in keeping with the other furniture pieces that you have and plan to keep. Bed #2, to me, is going to look too massive and chunky in your space. Bed #3 (a style that I have also considered) is nice, but I feel it takes your bedroom in another style direction. Good luck! Let us know what you choose.

Karen T.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, I could not sleep in a queen bed.My husband would keep me up all night! You will love a king. All of your images are beautiful.The style of the bed will depend on your room size. I also love all the blues in your images. Also try a Select Comfort bed. It is the sleep number bed. We love it!

Amanda said...

I would choose bed #3. it's georgeous and i don't think it's trendy. i have an upholstered bed and have had it for 9 years. I still love it. i think bed #2 will be enoromous in the room and bed #1 is very fancy. but that's just my opinion. i think they are all pretty and would look great.

Marcus Design said...

I love number 3 Kathysue! So comfy and classy. And PS. I thought hubby and I were the only one's in a Queen sized bed :) I had the bed when I was single, and loved to spread out ... when we got married we elbowed and kicked each other constantly at first! Now thankfully we have adjusted :)
Nancy xo

leviheart said...

How fun Just found your blog and I will follow along to see what you decide on. I love #3 and never considered this style trendy. It is classic and sophisticated!