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Monday, September 19, 2011

Shall We “Throw” in some Fall!?

In my last post on mantel techniques I mentioned how important it is to vary the textures in your composition to keep it interesting.

I think the Fall/Winter months are the perfect time of year to use lots of textures in your home to make it feel warm and cozy.

After all we add texture in our Fall/Winter wardrobes with cable knit sweaters, wool coats, and sometimes fur, hopefully faux fur.

Rough textures will really add a wonderful warm, and cozy layer to any room.

Think of all the different ways you can add texture to your rooms for the cooler months that are about to arrive.
I know we all immediately think of a cozy throw to snuggle up with while sitting by the fire…..

I have used this image in another post, but it is just too perfect to not use it again. This room is so cozy,but can you imagine it without the throw?

This is just luscious!!

Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

 I love this room and yet without the throw I am not sure it would look as cozy and inviting.


 This is an interesting way to display your throws or maybe it is to hide a stain?!!

Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Fur throws are the ultimate for snuggling in for a nice nap.

Throws come in all kinds of styles, colors and patterns………


I love the cable knit throws from Pottery Barn! They come in such pretty Fall colors. There is nothing prettier than a cream cable knit sweater,or in this case a throw!

How about a cashmere cable knit throw?

This is one of my all time favorite ways to display a throw on a chair!

 No matter what type of throw you love, or how you toss it they will always add an extra layer of coziness to any room.

I wrote a post last year on  how I like to display my throws if you are interested you can read about it HERE! 
So tell me do you like to gently toss your throws or do you neatly fold them and put them in place?

How do you like to toss your throws?

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Snuggling up with a warm and cozy throw!




Kathysue...next to pillows I love throws so much!!! I agree with you, they really help to warm the room, just as books do. Really good post :)

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

My throws give the appearance of being casually tossed, but I've played with their folds until they look 'just right'.
Throws add more warmth and texture when they aren't perfectly neat and tidy. You're more inclined to actually use them, and my daughter and I love to snuggle beneath a cozy blanket and talk for hours. (I'm so lucky - my daughter is 20 years old, and still loves to spend time with her mom!)
Have a lovely Monday, Kathysue!
~ Wendi ~ xo

Splendid Sass said...

I love the knit and the cashmere throws! So warm and beautiful. SO many gorgeous images here. Fall it is!
Have a great Monday.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Such coziness! Throws are a must in my house, I wake up each morning and wrap one around me, even in the summer! See, I do need to live in a warmer local, great post! Janell

Donna said...

You always find the most luscious photos! I love throws so much I have summer weight too. Now with all the animals though I have to admit I "throw" them everywhere hoping they nap on them!

Karen said...

I have a sudden urge to add a throw and some wood elements to my room. Great post, as usual.

vignette design said...

I have a throw fetish, so this post really made me happy! Nothing like curling up with a good book and a throw by the fire. I'm getting into the fall mood, thanks to you KS!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love throws to warm up a space and to add that extra piece of texture. On the look out for the perfect one for my sitting room.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love throws too, but they HAVE to be soft! I have one I got last year that is PERFECTION to me! I also have throws on my sofa to hide some stains and because of that they are the same color as the sofa so they just blend in. In Fall and Winter I change them out for different colors. I have never seen a trow done as the one you really like on the chair! Love that! XO, Pinky

Linda Hartong said...

One of the many nice things about winter and fall

NanaDiana said...

It depends on the room! In some I have them lined like soliders from top to bottom on the chair(s). In my downstairs sitting room it is much more casual...and in our family room I have them folded in a blanket for the kids to grab at will.

Great post! xo Diana

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

There is nothing like a nice throw to complete a room, or to just cuddle with on a crisp, cool evening. I am new to blogging and came upon your site. I am your newest follower. I hope you will follow back. Blessings to you!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

I love throws! Great images! Thanks for your sweet comment today :)

Bring Pretty Back said...

Kathysue - I am obsessed with throws! OHHHHHHH ! LOVE THEM! As a matter of fact , I have decided to make my office smaller in the new little house to add a little nook in the living room so I can have a storage area for THROWS!
Have a pretty day!

Hamptontoes said...

You have me ready for autumn with this line-up of images. The first image with the orange throws is calling my name...love the whole look. When it comes to throws in our home, some are folded and some are "tossed."

Georgica Pond said...

I love throws and use them throughout winter, but I find that throws chucked into a photo by a lazy stylist is the ultimate in tedium. Surely there are other more creative and imaginative ways of dressing the set than just throwing a throw over a chair, lounge or bed, as if that's the way the room always looks, which it doesn't. I'm sure we all have throws in our rooms, which are most likely folded neatly on a chair, ottoman or in a cupboard which is practical, not draped over an item of furniture to get in the way. As a stylist, it always annoys me when I see photo shoots where stylist has taken the easy way out of using a throw, when something more interesting would have been better.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I agree that first image is so cozy. I want to decorate my mantel with mini-pumpkins like that - love it!

Unknown said...

Love all those inspiration photos.
Give me a cozy chair and a lovely throw and I'm ready for fall.