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Monday, June 13, 2011

Small Entry Solutions

In writing the last couple of post about Entry/Foyers and welcoming signs for our guest I came to realize that not all people will have an entry hall or foyer in there home. If they do have an entry it might be very small.

I thought it would only be fair to do a post on small entry halls, or no entry at all, and what to do with them.

I went looking through my files, and online, I think I found a pretty good line-up of examples of ways to deal with small spaces.

13-makeovercolor-foyer-0208-xlgThis is a very small corner and yet the homeowner has used every inch of space. We have light, flowers, mirror and even an umbrella stand. Each piece makes a wonderful statement and the two urns underneath the console table are gorgeous.


Another very small area, and yet it has all the components of a good entry. I think the mirror could be a bit larger. 


Adding wallpaper to the walls in an entry can make it feel separate from the other areas. If it is a shared wall to your living room, use molding to divide the space by putting a border  of molding around the wallpaper in the form of a panel.

Statement Art/Pieces

Using statement artwork can make a small entry to be a stand-out!!

Here they have used some great statement pieces. The artwork is nice and large, and unusual. The zebra rug makes it’s own statement. There is a place to sit in a small chair and even ambient light from a candle with real cherries for a pop of color and life.

The homeowner has chosen to use their very narrow entry as a gallery wall for family photos. What makes this work so well is the large matting that has been used and notice how closely they are hung together. This makes it seem like one large piece of art and keeps the eye flowing gently.


Although this entry is obviously large it is showing a concept that I think any entry can use. The over scaled floor mirror. Of course you would have to use a mirror that would fit on your wall, but think of using a floor mirror to open up the space and place a narrow console table in front to place a vignette.

 I love the above image. It uses the floor mirror in back of a clear lucite table. Since the table is clear it does not take up any visual space. Keep that in mind for small space decorating. Use an open legged piece that you can see under to keep it more open. You can see it also allows a place for a very small stool to sit on to remove your shoes if need be.

A very small wall that makes a, "Wow" statement. The homeowner has chosen to incorporate the mirror into the wall treatment with moldings. This could be a great way to make an entry when there really isn’t one. I love everything about this entry. It shows small can look Grande!!

Speaking of mirrors how about an actual mirrored piece of furniture. If you notice all of our entries have fresh flowers or fruit. There is also a source of ambient light with candles or lamps.

Things that inspire- anon-front hall
Things that Inspire blog
A small wall and it is beautifully appointed.

The Practical side of things......

If your entry needs to be more practical choose a unit like this. It offers a mirror,storage and a place to sit in a very small area.


This is another image that shows a very interesting and useful element. Notice how the mirror and the chair railing are a ledge that items can be placed on. This is a very practical entry utilizing a great storage piece and useful mirror.

This idea is for my friend Erica at Tiptoe Butterfly blog. She wanted a solution for shoe storage. I think this is a great piece from Ikea for a practical and very useful storage piece that takes very little space. Notice the hooks on the wall for purses, backpacks etc. Very practical indeed!

Carve out Space.......

 I love the way they created a niche to sit in. It is almost like a little hideaway.

  This homeowner borrowed some space between the studs in the wall to make a little alcove and added a ledge. This is a great idea. I would have mirrored the alcove to really open up the space.  A great way to carve out some extra space.

 Statement floors or rugs......
Another way to make an entry when you don’t actually have a designated space is to add a statement rug to delineate the area.

Very small area with everything you would need. The fun striped rug gives the area more importance and life.
I have shown you formal, practical and casual all done in a small space.

In all of the above spaces there were certain elements and issues addressed. Try to keep in mind:
  • Lighting: over head and ambient in the form of candles or lamps on dimmers.
  • Mirrors for viewing and for opening up the space. Big is better in this situation.
  • Separate the area with the use of moldings or a piece of furniture.
  • Use a live plant, flowers or fruit to bring life and color to the space.
  • A large piece of artwork or an unusual piece of furniture to make a statement.
  • A statement rug to delineate the area.
  • Something for storage if you need to be practical. A piece to hold shoes, keys, mail etc.
With all this information I hope it has opened your decorating mind to new possibilities for you very own small entry hall.

"Enjoy the Process" Of:

Looking at your Entry/Foyer with new possibilities.



    Georgy said...

    What great inspiration. We have a narrow hall as our entry and have tried various options. I love the example of a picture gallery above. G

    Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

    Hi Kathysue,
    I just posted about my entryway. I was so inspired by your past post on entryways that I decided to change mine up a bit.

    These are all lovely examples of how to make your home welcoming.


    Jen said...

    These are some great ideas!! I LOVE that bold blue wall and those gigantic mirrors!

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

    Sally@DivineDistractions said...

    Great suggestions, Kathy. I have a small entry too, and I got some good ideas from your post. I have a tall console table and a carved mirror in mine, and I'm looking to make some changes, so the post is timely for me.
    Love the inspiration!

    Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

    Thanks for the tips, Kathysue!
    I love the oversized mirrors in front of the consoles!
    Have a wonderful Monday.

    Cyndi said...

    Loved them Kathysue,great ideas,once again.As you know,I am searching for a new home and I have noticed something sad about most of the homes we have been looking at.They have NO real entry,open right into the living room...I just hate that! Tough when you are in an area with high prices and have to be considering homes like that..now that is a decorating challenge imo...way harder than in a larger home that has proper rooms to work with. grrrr Well,the search continues!

    Karen said...

    Fantastic ideas for any size entry. Some really creative concepts.

    Tote said...

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas on entry way in houses. I am working on mine, and I will post as soon as it is complete.


    Jessie said...

    Great entryway solutions. I love the niche used as a place to sit on. What a terrific idea!


    Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

    heyyyy LOVE - i still can't post on ur blog the 'norma;' way --- but thanks for the shoe idea - thats actually pretty cool - and i bet CHEAP since IKEA wooooohoooo!

    quintessence said...

    All great examples but have to say my favorites are the 1st and 3rd!! I just love that wallpaper!!

    Marianne said...

    So many great examples! The 2nd Reflection image has long been a favorite of mine. Perfect!

    Anonymous said...

    Love the mirrors on mirrors

    The Buzz Blog said...

    I'm putting in a flagstone floor and adding a Crate & Barrel bench to my entryway that also serves as a mud room. We decided to split in half so that the door that leads to the living room is elegant and the door that leads to the kitchen is more utilitarian! Love your small spaces inspirations!

    Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

    We have a small foyer. I would love to send you a picture to see what you think! Love the first example, as I have a large collection of blue and white jars. XO, Pinky

    Mel@Georgica Pond said...

    What great ideas and tips for decorating small entry space. Proves you don't need a grand entrance to have a stylish and impactful entry and a bit of WOW. Love those blue walls and the gorgeous wallpaper.

    Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

    I confess. I have entry envy. My front entrance has no space for any furniture at all, and it is so frustrating! But then, my last house had a front door that spilled right into the bottom of the staircase and the living room. So, I guess all is good :)

    Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

    Great ideas!! Guess I need to bring in some flowers to my entry way.

    I'm starting a linky party for Mondays (or beginning of week) called "Make a List Mondays". Would love it if you could join! :)


    La Dolfina said...

    Hi Kathysue!

    I just went through you past several posts and they are all terrific!!!!
    You are on a roll my dear!
    I especially loved the one where your shared your creative genius with your molding magic!
    Miss you soooo much,


    Unknown said...

    What a great bunch of ideas and tips! My old house had no entry at all, the front door opened up right into the LR, so I arranged my furniture such that a console table behind the sofa with a lamp and unique artwork on the wall nearby created a welcoming space. When it came time to move, a "foyer" was high on my list of features!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

    Lee said...

    Just noticed today on House of Turquoise blog a great entry idea; you might like to see it too. I won't spoil it for you, go see . . . .


    GREAT collection of inspirational images!! xo

    :D Lynda