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Monday, May 16, 2011

Instant Charm!!

Don’t you wish you could make some changes to the outside of your house? You know the kind of change that does not cost an arm and a leg, but one that can add instant charm and  some fun color?

YOU CAN!!!!! How about a window box and/or shutters?  I was adding shutters to my home when everyone else seemed to be removing them from their homes. I think a home with shutters and a window box is so charming and looks so inviting.

Whether it is an English cottage…..
A Beach cottage…………
An Italian villa………….
A Cape Cod…………….
Or a California ranch……….

Shutters and window boxes can add instant character to almost any home.

2 (554x416)
You all know I am not an orange lover, but for those of you that truly love this color, why not add some orange shutters to your home for some instant charm. This window box is full,lush, and over flowing. I love the purple and lime green with the orange.

3 (475x356)
This window box is using a combination of greens and purples. Notice all the different shapes of leaves, and the different textures. That is what will make an interesting mix in a window box.

pink (172x172)
Think of your favorite color and add it too shutters! These shutters on the below window box against a neutral taupe paint home would look fresh and fun! Think of shutters and window boxes like you would accent pillows on a neutral sofa.
1 (350x262)
Raspberry shutters with lush raspberry and pink flowers!!! YES!!!
How about a neutral gray home with a softer gray trim and then add a pop of  a heathered raspberry?…..
ben moore (157x93) 

shutters (470x363)
The shutters on this beautiful brick home add just the right charm. I think glossy black shutters would also look wonderful with the green door and yellow of the entry.

5 (338x450)
Shutters are not used here, but they chose a bright yellow paint on the window frame to contrast with the shades of purple used in the window box. If you want a strong contrast go to a color wheel and look at what is opposite the color you want for your shutters to choose your flowers.

color wheel (158x175) 
You can see how yellow and purple are right across from each other making for a stronger contrast.

4 (800x600)
This window box is a good example of varying the textures and leaf size to make an interesting mix.

Southern Living mag (300x300)
What a beautiful mix for fall.

untitled (400x300)
This window box has one of my favorite vines to use in a window box, the lime potato vine.

untitled6 (199x254)
This is a great example of how to use  just one color in the window boxes. If they had enough room between the windows teal shutters would have looked amazing.

The best article that I have read in a long time on the subject of how to choose plants for your containers is written by the very talented Debra Phillips at 5th and State blog. Her post on container gardening in three easy steps is a sure-fire way of being successful in planting containers of all sizes and shapes!! She is also offering her garden design services on-line now. If you would like to see one of her consults you can see it on my friend Mona’s blog, Providence Ltd. Designs HERE. She is going to have a lovely garden once all the plantings are in by following the plan that Debra has given her.

If you decide you would like to add some instant charm to your home by adding shutters and/or window boxes:
  • Think of  a fun   color that would make a good accent for your existing home color.
  • Decide whether you want your flowers to have a high contrast look  or a quieter look.
  • Choose plants according to color, texture, leaf size and shape.
  • Make sure you have some trailing vines and flowers.
  • Paint your window box the same as your shutters or something more neutral that goes with the base color of your home maybe in a shade darker.
Do you have shutters or window boxes on your home?  Could this be just the right solution to add a little charm and curb appeal to your home?
Just think this could all be done in a weekend!!! I love that kind of, “Instant Charm!”

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Adding charm to your home by adding your favorite color with shutters and/or window boxes!!

BTW: Come back and I will show you my window box, I think you might be surprised at what color I have it painted!!!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

These are gorgeous...you have me now wanting to do window boxes!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What pretty ideas for both window boxes and shutters. I love them both, as you say they can add so much charm and interest. Great!

Kelly said...

These pictures make me smile! I've been wanting to add window boxes to our home since we purchased it last year, maybe now is the perfect time to do it:)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Beautiful inspiration! I loved seeing all the colorful window boxes...I will be planting mine soon. Off to visit 5th on State.

Anonymous said...

You always have the best suggestions, Kathysue. I think a home w/out shutters in like a little black dress w/ no jewelry or an ice cream sundae w/out the hot fudge. I had window boxes at my first home. They were adorable but I'm afraid I am too busy for the upkeep. xo

Marianne said...

How I love a gorgeous window box! I'm going to put one under my kitchen window, but the weather has been so cold here I haven't planted a thing. Praying for sunshine and warmer temps!

for the love of a house said...

I love both shutters and window boxes! fun post!


Bring Pretty Back said...

Kathysue, I am haing V put window boxes on the new little house and this is perfect for me to reference to! Thank you~!
Have a pretty day!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I thought you were a convert when I saw the first pic of the orange shutters!! I'm impressed that you led off with that! You know I love you, KS!
I have shutters on my house...orangy brick and black shutters. I'm thinking the navy would be fun too! Window boxes are next.

debra @ 5th and state said...


you are so dear to include me in this brilliant post, thank you! some of these photo's really speak to my heart, and that house with the yellow inset....to die for!
thanks so much, it is an honor to be part of such an educating and inspirational blog. did you how i "met" you? eddie and jaithan told me about your blog and how you are a friend to them.

Linda Hartong said...

One of my favorite ways to add CHARM.

Karen said...

One of the houses I lived in as a child was white with black shutters and my mom always planted ivy and bright pink flowers in the window boxes each summer. Thanks for reminding me of this, it's a wonderful memory.

Mona Thompson said...

Kathysue, I too am honored to be mentioned on such a fabulous post. I've never had window boxes and absolutely love them. These are some gorgeous examples. We have distressed painted shutters on our home now and I absolutely love them. They set the tone for the entire house. I agree with Debra, love the yellow window and the purple window box. I've never thought about yellow and don't know if I could really do it, but wow what a statement.

Fabulous post. I've got to save some inspiration pics here. Have a great week. Mona

xinex said...

I am inspired, KathySue. In fact, I have been inspired by so many outdoor pics that I have worked myself like a dog in the yard, lol. Come look at it!...Christine

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Thanks for the link to good window boxes as I ahve 9 of them!!!! These are such beautiful examples, I love the last picture! XO, Pinky

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kathysue, I love window boxes and have always wanted one. I have a high window I could add one to, but it would be hard to water and it would probably need it daily since it would get so much sun and heat.

designchic said...

Love a window box...have one at my breakfast room and it makes me happy every nmorning!!

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Thanks for inviting me over. I haven't been around much! I love that orange one -- not a color you love, but it's my favorite (to wear, not decorate with!). These are simply gorgeous images and your tips are great. You know how to do it, Kathysue!!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I do love window boxes! Nice view from the inside, too.

Unknown said...

A resounding YES to window boxes!!! They give me one more place to express the color of the season.

Shutters...that's another story. When we bought our white house, the shutters were dark green. But, when we put in all new windows, we took them off as they really need to be replaced. 2 years have passed and I can't commit to putting them back. I love my light green door and am not sure what color shutters would compliment that. What do you think?!!! I'm stuck.

xoxo Elizabeth

lisaroy said...

Shutter and window boxes have always been my favourite things! I had window boxes on one of our former homes and the flowers just spilled out of them in a huge explosion of blooms and colour. Passersby would stop in front of our house just to admire them. Hopefully I'll have a home with window boxes again someday :)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

One of my favorite things about growing up in the New England area was the charm of both the towns and houses. The houses are known for their shutters and window boxes. I love this post because that is one of the things I really miss about New England(certainly not the weather!). You have shown wonderful images. I agree, shutters and window boxes add so much charm and style.