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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The X Bench in the Master Bedroom!!

I gave you all a little sneak peek of my Son and DIL’s master bedroom in my post on the X bench at such a great value here. If you need or want an X Bench I highly recommend you read my previous post.

We are not done with the complete design, but we are well on our way. The only thing left to do is to order the furniture. She has decided on the furniture but is still going back and forth about the color. It comes in cream or black. She is leaning toward the black since she likes a sharp look. I think I would  go with cream since I tend to like a softer look. Let me know what you think would look good with all the existing pieces!! Black or Cream?

I know you all loved the drapery panels. Surprise! We did not put them on the windows, instead we put them on the walls outside the alcove that the bed sits in. I would like to see the two small side walls painted the dark grey also. I think it will make the whole back wall look more cohesive, but the final choice always goes to the homeowner.

The drapery panels are a thin, soft dark grey velvet with a large over- scaled damask print in a very light soft taupe. They were ordered from Anthropologie. I love that store. We knew we wanted to do a grey in our color scheme and once we found the drapes the whole design started to unfold.

The headboard was actually purchased awhile ago from Horchow. It is two separate mirrors hinged together and hung as a headboard.

The bedding is from none other than Target by Fieldcrest. I love this bedding it is so sharp and classic with the dark grey stitching. She chose to do dark grey sheets to accent the grey.
This is a lampshade also from Anthropologie. I died when I found this!! We had to have it even though at the time we did not have a lamp. I had a vision of a chrome or silver metal floor lamp to go with the chrome on the X bench that I had in mind for the foot of the bed. I told my DIL we would both look for a slim lined metal floor lamp. She found it first and I think it looks great!!

I found the perfect chair to sit in the corner on line at Tarjay. The colors were perfect and it worked so well with the overall design and was extremely budget friendly.
The cute lumbar pillow was found by my DIL. Isn’t is perfect? The chair actually comes with its own matching lumbar pillow, but she likes this one better.

Once the furniture arrives the finishing touches will be a chandelier in the middle of the room. I like this one from overstock.
overstock chandelier
I love the clean lines of the chrome with the elegance of the drop crystals which will tie in with the mirrored headboard, the elegant side drapes and the crystal lamps that we purchased for the nightstands.

This is the lamp base with the existing shade. I think we might change the lamp shade out to a white drum shade for a more sleek look against the elegant side drapery panels.

There you have it!!! Not quite finished, but well on our way!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Seeing a vision of a room come to fruition for someone you love!


Unknown said...

it all looks great! - i'd keep those white benches and not switch out for black - they fit right in!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Kathysue said...

Erika, the benches are staying I was talking about nightstands and a dresser!!We looked long and hard for the benches and we love,love them.

Privet and Holly said...

They are so lucky
to have you as
their personal
decorator : )
Just had a light-
bulb moment: My
master bedroom
has the same type
of alcove, only
it spans the whole
wall. Perhaps I
could frame our
bed with panels
that hang from
the overhang, instead
of on the sides?
Or, I was considering
a coronet, as I've
always loved those.
Inspiring post, as
xx Suzanne

La Dolfina said...

OMG is all I can get out!!!!!!!!
And WOW too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drop Dead Glam...

(I agree with painting the entire alcove gray too)

We need to talk soon :)

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Gorgeous room Kathysue. Thanks for revealing the sources, I love those mirrors as headboard!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Wow, Kathysue, what a great room! I love how brave you have been with the dark colourways on the wall...it looks fantastic!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kathysue, that room looks so elegant. You two have done a great job together. Look forward to the finale.

Allie and Pattie said...

GORGEOUS!!! And I have to agree- grey walls, light furniture- I'm thinking it will actually "Pop" more on the dark walls if she wants a crisp look. I love it all!
xoxo Pattie

Hamptontoes said...

Looks absolutely stunning! I'd go with cream furuniture for a more sophisticated look. I think black could take the entire look in another direction. How lucky your family has you to "work" for them!

Beach House Living said...

OMG, that floor lamp is fab. I would go with cream furniture it might look too heavy otherwise.

Unknown said...

Well on your way for sure...those linens..the benches, the lights.. WOW factor!

Sue said...

This is gorgeous...all of it. I agree that I would paint the small side walls, but it certainly looks pretty as is. That lampshade...I literally gasped! I love it and the drapes and the bedding...don't have a bit of gray in my house, but I'm loving this look. Wow!

Bring Pretty Back said...

GORGEOUS! I am loving the gray and white! That chandalier light is perfect. The lampshade from Anthropologie is soooooo cool!!!
This whole room is amazing!

Rick said...

I am going to take the other side and suggest black furntiure to "weigh" it all down. I agree that white drum shades on the crystal lamps is agood choice but trim them with some black grosgrain ribbon to tie it all together and, again, weight it down. While I love that lampshade, I think it is a bit too small for the lamp. To solve that problem, just hang a chunky tassel from the switch, I would choose black.

Cant wait to see the finished product.

Unknown said...

what a beautiful room, Designer Lady! You've done a great job collaborating with her, and the result is a soft, elegant and classically designed space. I love the drapery panels, and I'm especially in love with the lighting choices. Really make a statement! I'm glad you're having fun working together. That's a great way to grow a relationships. I think I'll vote for black! (But then you knew I would!)

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm with Rick ~ I'd go for the black! I think it will look elegant. Everything in the room is just gorgeous! It is definitely going to be a show stopper when all is completed.

I am wanting to redo my bedroom ~ change the furniture, all of it. Having difficulty with color choices though.

Thanks so much for sharing ~ the photos as well as the resources!


Lilacandgrey said...

looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! It looks amazing!

Eddie & Jaithan

Marcus Design said...

Love love love this Kathysue! I new your bedroom wouldn't disappoint! The drapery panels are stunning, the x benches are perfect, and everything is so tailored and glam. You have really done a fabulous job.
Nancy xo


Awesome job girl!!! So sophisticated! Love the monochromatic tones...

ashlina {the decorista} said...

wow. i am floored. well not really, i know you would do something so fab! xxxooo looking great!

Kat said...

Oh Kathysue, this room is gorgeous! Love those drapery panels, and the lamp shade is simply amazing. Great chair choice too. The lighting choices are perfect, but I do like the idea of changing out the shades on the side lamps. And I would go with black furniture, my personal favorite! Hugs, Kat