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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What’s In A NAME?!

What's in a name?We have all heard that question before, haven’t we? The reason I am asking it is because I started thinking about some of the fun blog names I have ran across. I sometimes wonder what is behind their chosen name. I thought it would be fun to list a few of the names that have caught my attention and have made me wonder why they chose this particular name………
  1. If the Lamp Shade Fits         9. Bluebird Notes
  2. Little Blue Deer                  10. High Gloss Blue 
  3. Hamptontoes                      11. The Shiny Pebble
  4. Tip Toe Butterfly                12. Pink Wallpaper
  5. Lime In the Coconut           13. Privet and Holly
  6. A Refocused Life              
  7. Divine Distractions            
  8. Acanthus and Acorn
(You can click on any of the above names to go to the blogs listed)
If I have your blog name  listed and, if you have time, could you leave a comment telling me why you chose the particular name for your blog? Or, you can email me at: Goodlifeofdesign@yahoo.com

Choosing a blog name is really a personal experience. After all, it represents the author and what they want to present to their readers. I know none of us blog authors took this lightly.  I just think it is interesting to find out what the thought process was that took place in choosing your blog titles.

My Story
I chose my name by process of elimination. My wonderful DIL had been encouraging me to do a blog for awhile. On one of her visits to my home, we started talking seriously about it and she set me up on Blogger and we came up with a name. I made a list of words that described what design means to me. After looking at the list, we came up with Good Life of Design because I truly have had a richer life because of design. It just  fit. The rest is history!!!

That brings me to the present day where I have to say, “Thank you, thank you" to all of my readers that are so faithful in reading my blog. I still can not believe that anyone likes what I write and actually will come back for more. My life has been enriched by all of you out there in blog land!! I must say the time I spend on my computer reading all of your wonderful blogs and comments is a very nice part of my day!!!
Here are a few of the responses from  I have already received:
Claire from High Gloss Blue
The name of my blog High Gloss Blue comes from the "concrete floor that resides in my dreams".  In 2005, I saw the home of Baltimore architect Chip Bohl in Met Home.  He painted his concrete floor, you guessed it, high gloss blue.  When the light hit its surface, the floor transformed into water and just interacted with the space in a completely different way.  It was so beautiful and so dynamic that I saved the article.  Five years later, I still have it and I still love everything about his entire home.  In fact, one day I'll probably just rip it off in my house because I'm not sure I could ever improve upon it (my apologies to Chip).  I inserted a picture of the kitchen above.  It's divine
Erika from Tip-toe Butterfly
Well I started blogging after the movie “Julie and Julia” – that movies started it all – so then I had to come up with a name – and well my Mom LOVES butterflies – and I really just got my motors going and thought about how my goal in life is really to flutter around and just gentle touch everyone and everything I come close to  – sorta’ leave my mark on the world in a delicate way – so that’s how “Tiptoe Butterfly” came to be
Lisa from Hamptontoes
Here's the story...feel free to edit as needed for your purposes.
It's simple...I love the Hamptons and I love dipping my toes in the water! It is one of the simple pleasures of life that makes me happy! Being barefoot on the beach in the Hamptons equates to happiness for me and that's the reason I named my blog Hamptontoes
Sally J. from Divine Distractions
When I first thought of Divine Distractions, I thought I might just try it out for a while and see if it grew on me.  It really was a “practice” name.  Little did I understand that once you put something out there, it sticks and changing isn’t an option.  I really like it now.  You know my background is in special education, and I spent many years working with kids and adults with ADHD….probably  because I was diagnosed with it as well.  I’ve changed my tune on putting that label on people now, mostly because I think  it’s usually the educational setting that screws with kids learning, not the other way around…..that’s another whole story ( and soapbox!) Being distractible as a kid was viewed as a bad thing, but as I’ve grown up, I realize that sometimes it’s the distractions in life that are the real path to living our purpose and finding our personal truth.  Mostly, I just think that a divine distraction takes us to an unexpected place, and for me, the unexpected elements are  what separates the best design from the predictable….and when that is done well, then it’s magical.  So I embrace my distractions….they often take me exactly where I need to go.  I hope my blog inspires in the same way….providing a little daily distraction that might lead to something wonderful!
Suzanne from Privet and Holly
Many people have asked how I arrived at the name Privet and Holly for my web log.When first thinking of starting a blog, I pictured two neighbors, coffee or tea cups in hand,leaning over a hedge that separated their properties, deep in a lovely conversation.
Soon after I first imagined that scene, I was looking through a book I own entitled The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden.It is a charming book, first written in 1906 as Nature Notes and published posthumously in 1977 with the current title.
As I flipped through the book, looking for possible name inspirations {I love English gardens}, there it was, on page 170....privet and holly
Since I had heard of privet hedges in England and you often see holly used as hedges in America, particularly in the South, the combination seemed like a natural one to adopt as my own!

Rita from A Refocused Life
A major part of my blog title was due to the fact that I had just left a 30 year career, and I realized I had the freedom to create a new path. At the same time, I discovered that for too long I had tied happiness to the thought of, "I'll be happy when....." - when I have this or that, or when life is perfect. I finally realized the importance of finding joy in each day.
Although I still collect and file torn pages from my favorite decorator magazines of fabulous kitchens, to-die-for bathrooms, elegant monogrammed linens, must have closets, attic makeovers, and holiday recipes (to use when I give that 'someday' New Year's Eve buffet), I have learned that I can still dream about those things without feeling that those are the things I need to be happy - to feel true contentment and joy, here and now. I have refocused my thoughts to how blessed I am to be where I am, to have what I have, and most importantly, being amazed at what God has provided. For me, being 'focused' is knowing the importance of finding joy in the simple things in life and remembering to always celebrate those moments with the ones I love.

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful" Annette Funicello

Artie from Color Outside the Lines
Color Outside the Lines started as a blog about gardening, and because I was a complete and total Gardening novice, I named the actual URL of the blog: niagaranovice.blogspot.com (Niagara) because I live in Niagara Falls, NY, and (Novice) because I was bound to make plenty of mistakes when it came to gardening and I didn't want more intelligent gardeners to pass jugements! :)

I knew that in order to make a garden I would have to venture outside of the rules that I was reading about in gardening books and magazines - so I decided to name the blog "Color Outside the Lines" - and fully did so literally and figuratively to create a beautiful garden that I'm quite proud of.

Of course, the blog didn't stay about my garden for long, but rather than rename the blog, which had already gained a following - I kept Color Outside the Lines, because that's my design/decorating perspective as well. Many of us don't fall inside of the boundaries that are created by decorating genres: French Country, English Country, Modern, etc. So I say color outside the lines - there's always a way to make it work

Thank you Bloggers!! I love reading your stories!! This is Great!!

I can not wait to read about more of the names listed!! If I did not list the name of your blog and you would like to tell me why you named your blog a certain name, please leave a comment or email me!! I look forward to reading all about your names. This is so much FUN!!!!

I am Enjoying The Process Of:
Reading blogs and making new blog land friendships


Unknown said...

Oh, I am so excited you put me on your list! Little Blue Deer was, quite literally, a flash of inspiration. I had the idea to create a blog, and actually put it together, in a few hours, it was really impulsive. And since I wanted the blog to be up, I didn't have a lot of time to come up with a name. But I do a lot of meditation, one of the goals of which is to encourage intuitive thoughts, and LBD just came to me, with the idea of the little blue deer icon! However, I do have a fascination with deer, the animals, everyone says I look like a deer, and it's kind of my nickname, I have always loved them. Here's the really cute part, though, now my husband refers to me as "Little Blue." Ha! Thanks so much Kathysue for including me!

Allie and Pattie said...

What a great post Kathysue! Wonderful stories!
xoxo Pattie

Hamptontoes said...

What a fun post! Thanks for including me on your list.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Kathysue, this is so interesting. Since I knew you before you started blogging, I knew your name fit you perfectly. It is interesting to hear how others chose their blog names. Great stories, I enjoyed reading them. Hope you are having a super day. Hugs, Marty

Privet and Holly said...

Thank you for including
my little story with all
of these, Kathysue! I
can remember when I first
came across YOUR blog and
was so inspired ~ You hooked
me from the first post that
I read about your sweet
hideaway on the front of
your house....and then your
lovely design lessons. I
always leave armed with new
knowledge! Thank you for all
of the love that you put into
your blog on each post....Yes,
your name most definitely
suits you!
xx Suzanne

tinyskillet said...

This is my first visit to your blog from Bringing Pretty Back. This is such an interesting topic. I hope you don't mind me talking about how I named my blogs. I was encouraged to start a blog from a friend who I met on an online makeup forum. The name is such a big part of it and what you want it to impress upon other out there and your readers. I chose Aqua Sunday for my first blog because I wanted it to be totally random (since allot of blogs I first started to be familiar with were makeup blogs) I also love food, and to cook, do crafts, love vintage items and antique or thrift shops, I also love photography and have so many beautiful beaches and surroundings to share. (okay so I'm not a writer and tend to ramble) Anyway I love the color aqua and tried out a few things and settled on Sunday just to get a name to start my blog...I like Sundays too, and it stuck my friend liked it and people do ask me where or why I maned it that. Then I was sharing so many of my recipes I started a food blog so those who weren't into cooking wouldn't be bored. The Tiny Skillet was born...I chose this name because I am not a chef just a home cook having fun and didn't want it to be taken too seriously. Then I started enjoying the creativity of bento box making so the natural thing to do was...The Tiny Bento blog.

Thank for letting me share. I am going to check out the rest of your blog now and feel free to edit my comment!

Kathysue said...

Shari and Lyndsey thank you so much for sharing the stories about your blog names. This is so interesting and fun for all of us to read!!!

Tammy@InStitches said...

Very interesting post, I loved hearing those stories. I thought my blog title would have the word "sew" or "window" in it.....it doesn't ! In Stitches means that although I take my sewing seriously I try not to take myself too seriously. :) Hope you have a fun weekend !

A Refocused Life said...


How fun and what an honor to be named in your post. I've mailed my story to you - if it's too late, let me know and I'll post it in a comment. Love this idea. It's been so fun reading other stories. Rita

Unknown said...

I knew this was going to be a fun post. I realized that I rambled a bit, but hey, the blog IS called DivineDistractions, after all! So happy to have been included in your post. Love you girl!
p.s. I really do know how to spell "distractable"!

Erica Cook said...

Fantastic post!
xo Erica

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

What a fun post. I have to admit that I sometimes wish I had separated my blog address from my business site and used a more creative name. But, like Sally said once you've gotten out there it is kindof hard to change.... Fun to read about what has inspired others.

Unknown said...

Great post! So interesting, Have a sweet day!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Kathysue, this is so much fun to read. You always come up with such creative ideas for your posts.
Have a great weekend.


Kathysue! As you read from the "interview" I was just tooling around one day. When Mr. Blogger asked me to put in a name to see if it had been taken, I just threw something in there and BAMM...he said that is your name. I wish I could say I gave it more thought. Funny.....I love design, and It is a indulgence for most people these days :) so I guess it works!

niartist said...

Hey Kathysue!!! I'd love to tell you how I came about naming my blog Color Outside the Lines!! I think this is a great idea for a blog post, btw! I'll email you. :)


Btw: Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind compliments on the model make over! :)

Bring Pretty Back said...

Kathysue~ What a fun post! I have enjoyed reading about how people have named their blogs!
In April I was down and just not feeling happy and feeling just awful about myself. I had an interest in starting a blog but really didn't do much about it. April 30th I decided to begin a blog , so I needed a name. I was thinking about what exactly I wanted to write about and of course a name.
I decided on writing about how I was feeling badly about myself and the canges I needed to make. Bringing Pretty Back came to me . I didn't know how to blog , so I just started with the first post , which was the quote by Coco Chanel. Ironically I saw the quote the morning I started the blog and it was PERFECT! The name BPB can be applied to so many aspects of our lives, not just our appearance that it is the most perfect name I could have came up with. Silly as it sounds , BPB has changed my life. I hope this comment makes sense! I am just kind of rambling!
Have a pretty day!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and interesting post! I wish I had a good story but I don't I just started playing around with blogger, didn't know how to even cut and paste & just kind of created a blog.... I had NO idea what I was up to! xo

Ampersand Design said...

HI Kathysue,

This is a great post. I've always been interested in how bloggers come up with the name of their blogs & and you have given us some great stories.

My blog is new & I named it Ampersand Design for a number of reasons. Firstly, I love ampersands. It's a lovely motif that resonates with quite a lot of people in the design arena. Also, it incorporates a part of my name "sand" & my life is wide & varied so Ampersand (&) Design seemed apt. I also hope to use this as my business name.

Thanks once again for such a greta post that reveals a little more about the blogger behind the blog.

Sandy K

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Kathysue, Kathysue...you have outdone yourself! What a BLAST to read, and what a privledge to be counted among the...ehhh...different names! ;)

Mine...well, being one with synesthesia (my senses are a bit jumbled...letters and words have colors, and colors almost have tastes...don't get me going...) I live in the tropics and limes and coconuts are a part of this wacky life. Lime in the coconut just fit. Although I have had people not "get it" at all.

Lime in the Coconut conjurs up color, and taste and goofy fun in the tropics (to me). Get it?? Hello....this thing on?

style chronicle said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog!! I will be visiting regularly.

Kellie Collis said...

What a gorgeous read!! I love this post!

Hope you are having a perfect weekend! Kellie xx

Ampersand Design said...

I just assumed Lime in the Coconut was a reference to the Coconut song! Goes to show that you can't make assumptions about blog names.

Sandy K

xinex said...

Hi KathySue! I think my blog title is self explanatory. Anybody who reads it would know exactly what I blog about. Very interesting to see how others came out with their names...Christine

La Dolfina said...

This was such a fun post Kathysue!!!
I loved it and have often wondered how a name came to be :)

vignette design said...

I loved this post Kathysue! I've always wondered why Artie called his blog Color Outside the Lines. And how you came up with your name too. I will check out everyone else for their story as well. Great idea, great post!

Beach House Living said...

This has been quite interesting to find out how the name of blogs came to be. There isn't much to wonder about the name of mine; Sun, sand, surf, shells and boats of course.

koralee said...

Thank you for the invitation my friend...sorry it has taken me sooo long..I remember reading your first comment a few days ago.But life is crazy so thank you so much for visiting me today and reminding me!
Really bluebird notes came about because I love blue and birds...so bluebird and I added notes because my posts are little notes about my world and what is happening in my life. Really it is that simple.


Raina Cox said...

Darling Kathysue,

Thanks so much for including me in such esteemed company.

As for the meaning of my blog's name, it's a play on the idiom "If the shoe fits..."

If the Lamp Shade Fits - wear it!

Hugs and inappropriate groping,


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Good Morning! Sorry I am late to responding...got home from the "big move in" last night!

First of all, thank you so much for including me and the timing is unbelievable. Every so often I receive an email about my blog name and just this weekend, picking up acorns, I thought I need to finish my post about this!

The name came about very quickly. I have loved the scroll of the Acanthus Leaf in design for as long as I can remember. The motif shows up many places in my home. As for Acorn, fall is my favorite season and I love trees and walks down tree lined streets or paths picking up acorns. I think they are just beautiful! And, it reminds me too of when my children were small and they would gladly set out with me on a "acorn hunt"!

Such a treat to learn about so many other names!

Karena said...

Kathysue this is really a fun fun post.It is great to read how some of our favorite blog friends came up with their names!

Mine started out as a venue for my own art and grew into posting about other artists, Artistic Giveaways, events etc!

Art by Karena

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

great post, as for me... I am a lazy blogger! I wanted a name that let everyone know what it was that I was blogging about... simple and to the point , the same with my text too. As for your comment, yes, knowledge brings with it the desire for more...

Sue said...

I think the names are fun. My blog has turned into a bit more than what I thought it would be when I picked my name...but, it still fits me I guess!

Kelle Dame said...

What a fun post! We seem to love all the same blogs and I have often wondered where these names came from myself. Thanks for solving the mystery for me! Loving your blog!

Unknown said...

AWEEEEE what a great post this turned out to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathysue: I'm a little late here, but have been meaning to write you!
For me, it's ALL in the details. If the details aren't "right", then the whole won't be either. A friend actually suggested the name "An Eye for Detail" and right away I liked it. My house, my clothes,my jewelry, my work: they are all made up of carefully chosen details. The name is also so broad that I can include any subject! Stay tuned, in two weeks, for "details" from Paris!