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Monday, August 30, 2010

Using Wooden Cutting Boards For Fall Decor

One of the elements that I listed on my Fall Decor list was wooden cutting boards. They add a warmth to a space and they are also very utilitarian. I don’t need to go over all the ideas of how to use a cutting board in the kitchen, but I thought it would be fun to see how to display them to add a touch of warmth for the Fall/Winter months.
mixing textures
I really like the mix of textures in this all white kitchen. The smoothness of the white dishes, the shine of the Hotel silver and the warmth of the old cutting boards. This has three of the elements I want to add to my kitchen for the Fall. White dishes(already have those), Hotel silver and cutting boards.
country living
Simple and clean! I love the backdrop the cutting board creates in this kitchen by just leaning against the tile backsplash.
This is obviously in a very old rustic looking kitchen. The homeowner must love older pieces with great patina. I love the way the cutting boards are different shapes and sizes casually leaning on the stone wall.
round cuttingboard
This is a very functional cook's kitchen. Here the cutting boards are sitting like soldiers against the cook top stainless back. I am in love with the very large oversized round board on the shelf with the great basket in front of it. I might have used a white pitcher for a contrast of textures, but none the less it looks amazing.
Elle Decor
I am noticing a pattern in my processing. I like when cutting boards are placed one in front of the other. How about You?
Notice all the shapes and sizes. Great rough textures going on in this setting. Here we see several boards stacked one in front of the other and sitting on a nice thick board.
Belgian pearls
Belgian Pearls
There are a lot of wonderful elements to look at in this kitchen. Notice the table and the rough hewn benches? Amazing glass front cupboards on each side of the  gorgeous stove. Old worn tiled floors with a beautiful patina. This kitchen is all about texture. Here the boards are lined up like soldiers. I don’t mind two boards lined up, but more than that, I like them stacked in front of each other. You see I am learning something about how I like my cutting boards through writing this post. Hopefully in design we will always remain on the learning curve.
A great storage idea for racks and cutting boards if you lack cupboard space.

Country Living
All stacked up one in front of the other and even a wooden bowl in the stack. This is a few too many for my liking, but perfect in this country setting.
Can a vignette get any warmer or textural than this? Perfect for a country or colonial setting. It might look really cool with a more contemporary back drop  for fun.
As you can see cutting boards can come in all different sizes, shapes and patinas. So I have decided I like cutting boards side by side in two different sizes, but no more than that. My favorite configuration is stacked one in front of the other, probably no more than three or four.
How do you like your cutting boards displayed? 

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Shopping for cutting boards and finding fun ways to display them in your kitchen.


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Never considered the cutting board as a design element. You have made me a believer! Especially striking combined with the white china and silver!

Anonymous said...

Loving this cutting board post & thank you so much for your sweet comments!


style chronicle said...

My mother-in-law collects pig shaped wooden cutting boards like the ones Martha Stewart featured in her magazine years ago. They add warmth, interest, and a sense of humor to her kitchen.

xinex said...

Very interesting, Kathysue. The wooden cutting boards give the kitchen some kind of a farmhouse feel which is very warm and inviting....Christine

vignette design said...

I started a cutting board collection a few months ago. I now have three and stack them in a tall basket on the floor by the stove. I love this post and all the ways you featured cutting boards displayed in a kitchen.
xo Delores

Bettie from Southern Thresholds said...

Great looking post. I collect trivets and have used them in many areas of my kitchen for a great look. Love the patina on the ones you show.

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

LOVE this post! You've shown some beautiful displays too! I have one cutting board that was inherited from my Great Aunt and Uncle....think I need to put it out now!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love those old cutting boards. Such great patina to them. I have looked at some and they want such high dollars for them around here. I still want to find some. Great post.

Sue said...

I'm lucky to live where they make the Boos line of cutting boards, islands etc. that are seen in all of the best kitchen retailers and on the Food Network. I have a large round cutting board that sits on my countertop. You can actually see it in my icon picture and most of my food shots. I also have a couple other uniques pieces from them. I would love to have a free standing island, but I can't work it in to my kitchen. I like the look of the older ones, but I would never use them. I really careful with what I use on mine...now raw meat, chicken etc.

Hamptontoes said...

You won't believe this, but I don't have a wooden cutting board! Perhaps my kitchen is missing an added element? You have me thinking!

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

Hmmm.. I never thought of this as a decorating element either....but I think I should as well. Although, I think I need to get a more attractive wooden cutting board than the staple in our kitchen! Great ideas/inspiration as usual!

Anonymous said...

These textures are just wonderful! I love the idea of wooden cutting boards...but have to admit I do not like using them in my kitchen. They retain smells and tastes too much. I tried,for years, to "want" to use them....but no, I use the white plastic, textured ones that can go in the dishwasher. They stay so much cleaner, and yes, I think more germ free! Too bad. Well, maybe I could buy some old wooden ones just as design element!

Bring Pretty Back said...

My son made me a large wooden cutting board in high school, and I am excited to display it in the new house! I will have white cupboards , so I can see it will look great!
Have a pretty day!

Unknown said...

I use plastic sheets for my cutting boards, and trust me, know one would ever mistake them for a design element! These are beautiful examples, and they really give an ambiance to the kitchens. I can see this in my fantasy kitchen in the country or in the mountains!
I love where your mind goes, Kathy Sue!

Kathysue said...

An Eye For Detail, Yes I agree the wood boards do retain odors, etc. so I am with you there but the patina of an older board is amazing and I love it for display only. I do use my cutting boards for serving cheese and apples. I seem to have a cutting board out quite often by my sink. I would love to have one of those great big thick ones.I have been looking for older ones when I go thrifting. So far I have found one.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Hi Kathysue, I love the textures of all the cutting boards. I never thought about all the different sizes and shapes and how lovely they are. I will be keeping an eye open for some interesting boards now! I, too, have collected lots of white and silver (though I wouldn't call it hotel silver), and I love it with the wood! Linda

koralee said...

What a great idea...I do love that look. I will be one the lookout now! Thanks for sharing my friend. xoxo

Maria Killam said...

Well I never thought about displaying them before! Mine are just tucked up beside my espresso machine! Great post.

Low Tide High Style said...

I'm always on the hunt for old cutting boards, I absolutely love the warmth they bring to a kitchen when they are displayed like in the beautiful photos you included in your post! I don't have many and really want to add some to my collection!

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my recent post!

Kat :)

La Dolfina said...

What a gorgeous post Kathysue. I've never looked at cutting boards like this before! Always fun to look at things with you :) I agree, I am so into ironstone, hotel silver, cutting boards and baskets... and speaking of baskets. That center island wicker basket with the cutting board top is simply amazing. Loved all your incredible images.
Super post... very inspirational.

Leah said...

What a great post! I am dying to find an antique one now!!!!


Beach House Living said...

Those older boards are really neat. I wish my kitchen was suitable for the open shelve look without a major remodel. I've got silver plate and some white serving pieces ready to display if I could.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, friend! Love that first pic. I'm very much loving Fall & enjoying the bit of crisp morning air we are getting right now. I have got to start thinking of something to bring Fall into my house, maybe I'll have a linky party, who knows?! I don't decorate a whole bunch for Fall, but like a little touch of it. I think I need some new ideas to incorporate, bet I have plenty around the house I can work with.

Thanks for stopping by, as always! xo

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

So pretty! I still have my first cutting board that is wood when I moved out for the first time!
You won the get clean giveaway!!! :)

Dream House Trish said...

I love this post, i would never thought to use a wooden cutting board as a design element, Ive always hid them away, youve shown me how much warmth they add to a kitchen. Im new to your blog & can't tear myself away fro trying to read every last post. I am learning so much & feel very inspired, Thank You!!!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Oh, you have touched a soft spot with me. I love old cutting boards and old wooden bowls. Your post is fabulous. I have a small collection of old cutting boards and several old wooden bowls and every time I look at them it somehow warms my heart. There is something so very organic about that look. Wonderful post and you have inspired me to display my boards and bowls more.
That center island created with a huge wicker basket and board is magnificent. Thank you, Kathysue.

René said...

You are right, a well worn wooden cutting board does add the feeling of warmth - something we will all be craving very soon.