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Friday, July 9, 2010


Do you find yourself saying that? “If I were only younger or thinner.” I try to not dwell on what I am NOT because I might miss out on what I AM!!

Ever once-in-awhile I will see something that makes me say, “ I wish I were younger or thinner.” The other day something came up on the web that made me say just That!! A dress, a darling dress in the perfect color, I loved it and, oh do I wish I could wear it!
Carey Mulligan In Bottega Veneta from the Spring 2010 collection.
She is so cute I think it could have actually been a little shorter for her and maybe some cuter shoes, but the dress is calling to me.
It’s yellow, its striped, its feminine, I love it! Let’s face it, we all know full body horizontal stripes  are not the best look for, shall we say, fluffier women! Yellow is also a color that will tend to make things look bigger or what I like to refer to as puffy and fluffy!!

Sigh! this will not be in my future, but I had to share this darling dress with you all! Can you feel my pain? Have you seen something lately that made you feel this way?

Here is one more dress to add to my pain, Sigh!!!

How cute is this, just look at the beach scene on the bottom. This would make a perfect summer party dress.

Even though my reality is not what is pictured above I still take pride in trying to look nice. Not ever high fashion, but hopefully classic and age appropriate.
Don’t get me wrong I will not dress like a Nana even though I am a Grammy. I feel it is important to look your best at whatever age or weight you are. So with that being said I am going to hold my head up high and feel good about who and what I am.

How about you do you need to talk to yourself once-in-awhile to perk yourself up a bit? As women I guess we probably all do. Talk is good, but action is even better. I have never been one that will wait to buy clothes for when I lose the weight. There is nothing worse than feeling fluffy, puffy and frumpy. So join me in thinking about ourselves as works in progress!!! So let’s start working with what we have and who we are  right Now!!

I have a blog that I love to read that I think you would all enjoy, that talks a lot about this subject matter. Go and visit, “Bringing Pretty Back.” Her post are eye opening, thought provoking and realistic! She has a wonderful way of writing and a great sense of humor. I always enjoy my stay at her blog.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Celebrating Yourself!



Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

She looks darling in that yellow dress! You dress however you feel most comfortable, Kathysue. Honestly, be yourself, that's what makes the world interesting! xo

nannykim said...

I love the two dresses! So sweet.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

That is a cute dress. The actress is so adorable but she seems to be getting thinner and thinner. She's starting to look a little like a bobble head.

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

“If I were only younger or thinner.” Boy, can I ever relate! If I had a dollar for every time I have thought that, I would have enough money that I could be marching straight to a cosmetic surgeon to help me look a little younger and thinner. lol. As the saying goes, you can never be too young, too thin...or too rich! :)

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

The top dress is divine!! WOW. I can relate, sometimes it catches you by surprise, the getting older thing. I always then remember my grandmother saying to me, when she was in her late 80's, how surprised she was everytime she looked in the mirror. She couldn't believe that was her, she didn't feel that old. I love recalling this, because it is really about how you feel and live your life!!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Yellow horizontal stripes on me - bad idea! (and on most of us, truly!) I feel your pain, KS!

Melissa Miller said...

Kathysue I do understand. I think we are our own worst critics for sure. After losing so much weight recently I am struggling with accepting my body image. I think I need to catch up inside with how I look on the outside. Does that make sense? Did you see my recent post? I finally got brave enough to show my weight loss photos and my new haircut. That was a tough one for me and it should not ever be that way. Sigh.

Show us some pics of you! You are beautiful! I hope you buy that pretty yellow dress and wear it proudly.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)

La Dolfina said...

So funny, I just found her and left a comment before coming over here!!!! There are no coincidences are there? Great post Kathysue! You're always on point and yes we all have those talks with ourselves :)
Love you,
Have a great weekend

DesignTies said...

Oh yeah, I definitely wish I was younger and thinner!! Mostly younger -- I can't believe I'm in my 40s. Although my friends and I agree that we're much more youthful than our parents were at this age. So I guess that's a good thing :-)

When it comes right down to it, you are what you are and that's just how it is, so embrace it and live life to the fullest :-)


The Zhush said...

Of course...we all wish we were younger and thinner! I will probably always think this way...oh well, human nature I guess! :) Happy Weekend!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kathysue, I have to talk to myself too. I am not waiting to lose weight to buy the clothes I like. I have excepted who I am and what size I am. Every time I have lost weight I end back up at the size I am now. I do need to get back to exercising regularly, but oh how I hate it. Oh well we do what we have to do.
Have a super weekend,


vignette design said...

Lately, I've had to have a few serious talks with myself. I haven't been walking for 3 weeks and have put on a few pounds. I refuse to dress like a grandma though (even though I am!). I live in jeans, t-shirts, flip flops or my Frye boots. Every single dress out there makes me wish I was younger and thinner. I think I'm not a dress person because I don't think I look good in dresses.
Monday, I will power walk......! Off to check out that blog!
Happy weekend my friend!

aneyefordetail said...

I agree with Design Ties that we are def. a more youthful look than our parents were at our age.
While I have to admit I don't have a weight problem, it all just.....settles....and what used to fit 10 or 20 years ago simply will not do any more! Have to dress appropriately, I agree!

Sally J said...

I look in the mirror and ask myself who that fat lady is? It's not me!! But then I just sit down and do another blog post or answer an email...I'm terribly sedentary, but you know what?....I like sitting...I don't like to run, or lift, or even walk by myself. So I've made friends with my computer and my tv and my dog, I have adopted the "artsy" look in my dress. That way I can wear whatever I like without feeling frumpy or motherly. Just put on some color and go!!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Cute dresses. We could all use to be thinner and younger....couldn't we? At 6 months pregnant and w/o coloring my hair....I am feeling this right now, for sure! Have a great weekend.

xinex said...

Cute dresses, Kathy Sue! But I could only wear those when I was in HS and College...Christine

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Great post, Kathysue! I do wish I were thinner...not too sure about younger, though! I don't want to have to relive and relearn all that it took to get me here! So...maybe a young body with my current mind...yeah, that's it! lol Cute dresses! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Kathysue, you are so cute you would look fabulous in anything and you always do. You are definitely one chic and lovely lady. Hope you are getting some rest. I have been cooking and playing hard with my grandson, only a few more days and he will be gone, so I have been spending every single second I can with him. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

mbkatc230 said...

That dress is adorable! But I definitely can't wear yellow, and I refuse to wear horizontal stripes :) I just try and find things that are classic and comfortable and non granny. I like to take Cait, she will tell me in a heartbeat if something is too young or too old, and she pushes me to wear things that I normally wouldn't. So far, she hasn't steered me wrong! Hugs, Kat

Debby said...

What a wonderful post!! I love Bringing Pretty Back too! I often wish I looked younger & thinner but would not want to BE younger... there is such a confidence in knowing who you are that comes with age, huh? Wouldn't give that up for anything! xo (I'm still on vacation ~ just can't stop blogging)~ I miss you guys too much! xo

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Kathysue..I am thin and I have been all my life. It is mostly genetics. It doesn't make life any easier though, sometimes it even makes life a little more difficult (yes, really). Having to struggle with weight and not be able to wear whatever we want are not the hardships in life, are they?. It really is important to keep it in perspective or it can be consuming. My husband struggles with his weight at times and only being proactive about exercise and healthy eating (not dieting) makes him feel better. I know that I can be accused of not knowing what it's like, but I would swap my dress size in a heartbeat for inner peace - as that is my daily struggle after my personal life experiences. Fantastic, thoughtful post again Kathysue..and I love the dresses! Rachaelxx

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I wish it all the time... left you a note on my

ashlina {the decorista} said...

okay. she is just cute as a peach. and i find myself saying that all the time. "so put down the to the ice cream!" is on constant repeat in my brain...heehee.
happy weekend sweet gal. xoxox

Kellie Collis said...

She has such fabulous style! I hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie x

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

I hear you! I am so glad that I was a clothes horse when I was younger and thinner. At least I can look back on the wonderful dresses I have worn. It is a challenge finding something for the here and now.

Yahnay said...

I couldnt agree more with your comment saying that 'I feel it is important to look your best at whatever age or weight you are'. Dressing to your body type is so important. I always feel uncomfortable if i buy something just because it is "fashionable", but doesnt look good on my body type. But speaking of body issues I also wish I was thinner. Sitting by the pool in my bikini in a couple of weeks is worrying me a little. Its winter here so I have been wearing slouchy warm clothes that cover up my entire body for months now!! which is far from a two piece bikini. I have been exercising and eating healthy since ummm yesterday and I will try and keep it up until I go to try and lose a few kilos. Its funny how you do things last minute, but I suppose being healthy makes me feel better anyway. I think these issues effect everyone of all ages and sizes. My goal is to feel good about myself no matter what size I am, but I am still working of that one :)