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Monday, March 8, 2010

Laundry Rooms

I have a laundry room. Well, it is so small I am not sure it qualifies as a room. Maybe more like a walk-in closet. I refer to it as the PIT. It is deep enough to fit a washer and dryer in with about 3 ft of walking space in front of the appliances.  Now that I think of it , I think it must be almost a square.( note to self, measure laundry PIT).  One thing I do love about my laundry room is the big full wall closet.  I know it was meant to put linens in it, but I use it for all of my accessories that I change out for the seasons.  Some might call it my staging closet.  Yes, that is what I shall call it, that sounds so much more professional than the closet where I throw put all my little pretties. Back to the PIT.  It is truly just a utility room of sorts.  Hubby said that this Spring we can do something about it, Yeah!!!  I have collected pictures for inspiration over the years and some more recent finds.  Like my friend Terri's.  It is a laundry closet and it is to die for. A visit to Terri's house really made me want to get going on mine. Here are some of the rooms that are inspiring me now..............
Mine is not nearly this big but I love the cupboards and the open shelving . I like easy access to my detergent without having to open a cupboard. Check out the floor, love this idea!!

In this picture I really like the use of the baskets and the hanging rod for clothing. I think it is nice to hang blouses and shirts immediately after they come out of the dryer. (I really don't like to iron!!)

Love it all!! The back splash looks like an old diner and I like the see through cabinets.  I think Ikea carries something like this. Notice how they chose a steel blue washer and dryer to go in this room. Check out the big cannisters holding laundry detergent, pretty cool!!

A nice small area that has been made totally functional.  I like the bead board backsplash and here is another hanging area. Cute containers for the detergent.

This small area is full of ideas.  I love the hampers and this is perfect the way I do laundry.  I use baskets now to sort the clothes so this would be perfect.  I also like the pull out drying rack. This would be really suitable for my small space.

Here is Terri's laundry room.  Can you believe how much style this room has? Just like it's owner, full of style ! If you want to see more of this room go here.

I like the crisp white walls with the black and white check floors.

This is the perfect laundy room. Can you imagine having multiple appliances. Boy, would that have been handy when my children were babies. Back then I was always under a mountain of laundry. In this picture I love all the special containers for laundry essentials. The fun wire basket is a nice touch. I also like the glass cupboards with the frosted glass. I really am starting to see my room in my minds-eye.

This room has really shown a good use of space . I like the hanging bar and they used a closet organizer to put their rags and the drawers would be great for light bulbs, cords etc.. This really shows how to organize a room. The color is a bit bright for me ,but it is really cheerful.

I love the freshnes of this laundry room. I reallllllly love this rug.

Here are the glass cupboards again. OK that settles it. The glass cupboards are my design spring board. I will be designing everything around these cupboards. I also like the stainless steel counter.

I love the use of the farmhouse sink sitting on an older piece of furniture. Check out the wall mounted faucet. I also love the open shelving and the hanging rod. Another lucky home owner with multiple appliances. The floor is really nice. Hubby said he would like a tile floor so I need to keep that in mind also.
Which one of these laundry rooms was your favorite?
Mine was the large one with the picnic table for a folding table in picture #8. This is not possible in my small 6'5" by 5'10" room.( I just measured it) A girl can dream!!

" Enjoy the Process"  Of: Planning a room re-do in your home!!



Carolyn said...

They are all lovely but the 4 th one is my favorite. Mine is in the basement and I wouldn't dream of posting it !!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love them all, but the first one with two closets and all that storage is just a dream. Your inspiration is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do. Hope your Anniversary was a great one. Hugs, Marty

Pat@BPM said...

It sounds like our laundry rooms are very similar, Kathysue. I am "dreaming" of a little makeover in mine. I have it fixed up sort of cute, but want to do something new with the tiny space.

Love the inspiration images!

cityfarmer said...

... my head is spinning out of control ...

YES, we are planning some re-do's ... I just like too many things'd think the novice designer in me could make a chop-chop decision!

kim said...

How I wish my laundry room looked anything like these. I need to do some serious work on that room. Mine is small and the wrong color paint in there makes it worse.

Allie and Pattie said...

I REALLY need a larger laundry room with my large family. The builder of this house did not plan well for functional space. I love the look of the last one
xoxo Pattie

Morning T said...

You're killing me Kathysue~ every single image makes my heart ache for any kind of laundry room INSIDE my house. I have to schlepp our laundry out to the detached garage. We do have a new washer and dryer, but dropping clean clothes on the walkway back into the house just kills me every time. Don't even get me started about what I deal with during the hot and humid Texas summer months going out into the dark, detached garage...EEK!
OK no more whining out of me today. :)
Happy Monday to you.

Karen said...

I love the simplicity and the elegance of the last one! I MUST have display space in this utilitarian room, or else I may never want to go in there!!

elledee said...

aww I love all these! too adorable, I need to upgrade!

Averill said...

I would love to make my laundry room more functional and more stylish, but I think I'll have to put a hold on that until we finish the "main" rooms. First thing on the list though is a countertop over the W/D -- what a great place to fold clothes!

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

Lovely site yours,Congrats!..and a нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

My favorite is the first one, although I love the colors in the one with the long rug. Mine isn't huge, but it is a separate room. I have open shelves that run the entire room on one side and a place to hang things on the other. I do have a simple sink. We just talked this weekend about removing the ugly shelves and putting in cabinets. I don't like all the dust that gets on the things on the shelves. It was fun seeing these great suggestions.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Kathysue, I love all those laundry room pics. Each one has so many ideas that I's hard to choose which one I like best. About the day bed...yes, I'm glad I have works well in the room, plus with the trundle underneath, it is very practical. The difficulty making it is work it! Linda

Fifi Flowers said...

Would LOVE an actual laundry room... le sigh!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I have a small laundry room too but one of the best things was to use the undermount washer/dryer and it gave me a folding countertop space which I needed. I used black granite (was I nuts with dryer fluff) but it worked out fine.I also use a hidden wall-mounted ironing board, that was the best idea.
Have fun ....and I love the laundry room lettering that terri showed. I went and measured and it may fit. I have to take down a few oil paintings to fit it but I think it is so clever. I love laundry rooms , they make me feel so productive-lol!

Marija said...

Loved this post, Kathysue! I started my laundry room renovation back in December and lost steam after I put up some shelves. It was so much better than NOT having shelves that I felt like I had accomplished so much and then just...stopped. Looking forward to following you as you re-do yours! Marija

Sally @ Divine Distractions said...

I don't have windows in my laundry room although I do have a good bit of space. I've never loved the room, probably because it feels a bit "dungeon-y" to me. I'm ready for a general clean up and fresh up...let's see, when will I do that? Probably after I clean my closet! LOL

Kellie Collis said...

Laundries are forgotten arent they. I would love to have a chandelier in the entry to mine that i saw in one of your lovely pictures! x

eddieross said...

Love this post! We're going to post on Laundry soon too and will link to you!!

Jaithan + Eddie

Kathysue said...

Hi eddie and jaithan, So glad to see you here and thank you so much for linking to my blog post. You guys are the sweetest ever, xoxo Kathysue

Blueprint Bliss said...

I love so many of them! Esp since mine is a closet. At least you can walk in yours! :) Great post.

DesignTies said...

I soooo want a lovely laundry room! We've been renovating our basement (well - truth - we've torn much of it apart, made plans, but that's it!!) and one of the rooms we're creating is a laundry room. There's not a lot of space to work with, but I hope to make it look great! Every time I see photos like the ones you've shared, Kathysue, I get excited!

Sorry for the delay in getting over here to your blog, but I wanted to thank you for commenting on my post about Patti's Bathroom renovation. You mentioned that you love to design bathrooms = me too! For me it's the tile... I LUV tile!

I hope you'll drop by DesignTies again soon... we're having a giveaway that you should enter!

Victoria @ DesignTies

Tardevil said...

So funny that I should stumble across this post. I'm in the process of re-doing my laundry room. I could only wish it would look like several of those above, but since it's a 'hole in the wall', I'll just do the best I can! What gorgeous inspirational photos you've found.