Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter Inspiration and Ideas

As I was saying the other day, Easter is only a few weeks away- 21 days to be exact. Time to get moving! I purchased the turqouise ceramic egg holder from Anthropologie a few weeks ago. When I saw it I thought to myself that I should try to do an Easter table around it. With that in mind I am going to use that as my color inspiration. Right now I am leaning towards a turqouise and yellow table. I have a few things in mind, but you will have to wait for a little while until I have some more of the elements pulled together. Until then I thought I would share a few of the images I have in my inspiration file for Easter...........

Nobody does it better than Martha Stewart when it comes to Easter colors. I saved this from last year.

Simple , cheerful and very effective.

I love the use of one statement color. The lovely satin ribbon is such a nice touch. If we are going to tie a bow on something, it is important to make it a good quality ribbon and use an ample amount of ribbon to have a nice floppy, flowing bow.

Again so simple, but with great texture and repeated elements. I love all the real flowers spilling out of the baskets.

This is inspiring my idea for my egg holder. Can you see where I might be going with this?

I love this idea. I don't remember where I got this image so I apologize if it is yours! Let me know and I will gladly give you credit for such a great idea.  I would use real moss or grass and real eggs died in pretty pastels. These square clear vases are so cheap at Michaels. I think a bunch of these in mass down the center of a table on top of a mirror runner with tealights gleaming would be stunning and simple.

How simple and cute! This would make a darling Easter center piece. You could put flowers in clay pots, add a nest with eggs and a little bunny and Voila, It's Easter!!

For those of you that love a coastal look, why not use this as an inspiration and add some soft shell colored eggs to the vase and maybe a few soft blue eggs in the moss that is holding the flowers.

Country Living Magazine
This is so simple, but lovely. I think a group of 3-5 down the center of a table on a lavendar table runner with tealights would be so pretty and easy to do.

Country Living
This is being Green by using different sized tin cans and painting them soft Easter Colors.  Notice how using all of one flower in each can makes more of a statement than if they were all mixed bouquets. This is something I have observed by looking at floral arrangements and even visiting gardens. Whenever there is mass plantings of one kind of flower it makes a bigger impact visually.  If you have ever been to Disneyland notice their plantings.

You can not look at this small vignette of egg cups and not think of Easter.

Being Green again!  Painted wine bottles in bright colors to go with the flowers. In place of the oranges and kumquats use dyed Easter eggs to go with one of the colors you choose to paint the bottles. Think of this with blue and lavender bottles. Yellow and lavender flowers with lavender, yellow and blue colored eggs. There will be no limit with what you could come up with. Just keep your color pallette tight. Two main colors and one accent or just keep it to two colors.

Pink and white transferware and even the eggs have a lacey pattern in the same color as the transferware. The pink is also picked up as the main color in the flower arrangement.

Another square clear vase. This time it is covered in ribbons. The same colors are repeated in the flowers. I can see several of these on a table in varying sizes with brightly colored jelly beans in clear small bowls with a votive candle in pink sitting in the jelly beans.

For those of you with a collection of cake pedestals this is a great idea.  All you need is a ball shaped florist foam that has been soaked in water and add flowers. Using mums or carnations would be the least expensive way to go and you can order those through your grocer. Eddie Ross has shown this on his blog several times and it is spectacular. See his How-to here.

Very simple, bowls, colored eggs and ribbons. I think I would have used at least one more ribbon or even had them going from side to side making a cross in the middle. By keeping the color pallette tight it has more impact.

Although this is not a new idea, it is an idea worth re-visiting. I am beginning to realize there are a lot of square clear vases used in a lot of these arrangements. This is so affective because the use of one type of flower. Love this!!

Porter House Designs
This is obviously a large banquet table and probably for children (notice the white paper).  Let's think of using an actual cloth table cloth in place of paper.  They have taken sugar molds and put one half of a pastel plastic egg and planted grass in it and added eggs and tulips.  I did this one year in a long vase and just planted grass and tulips and it made a great centerpiece.  If you want to plant grass you need to get fast growing rye grass and plant it at least 2-3 weeks in advance so that means NOW! I also buy wheat grass already grown at my grocers. I just call and order however many baskets I think I will need.

Here they have used pictures of flowers inside a clear vase. I am not sure why they have clothes pins, I really don't like the clothes pins. I was thinking, "Why not use seed packet pictures to line the vase?" Maybe use the seed packet that matches the flower in the vase.

I am not sure but this looks a lot like alpalpha sprouts planted on a mat and used as a placemat. I am not sure this is that practical, but the concept is one worth trying. I used a moss mat as a runner, so why not a grass mat. You can buy sod  at Home depot in strips and use that down the center of your table. I used that very concept for an outdoor wedding to hold rocks that were the place cards with people's names on them.

These darling polka dot candle holders are from Pottery Barn. They just shout EASTER!!! to me.

I hope some of the images and the ideas I gave you are getting your creative wheels turning.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Coming up with ideas for your Easter Table.


BTW: If you would like to see more wonderful Easter Inspiration be sure and visit Torie Jayne blog here
She is having a whole series of Easter Inspiration , you will be sure to enjoy, I know I love each post.


Kellie Collis said...

What a beautiful idea for my easter flowers! x

Julienne said...

I am afraid we don't do a lot of Easter decorating but I loved looking at yours. Also got a few ideas for our tables at other times of the year thank you. Thank you for your thoughts about Mike...He went back into surgery tonight (deep pelvic abscess) They have cleaned it up and we hope he should be on the road to recovery in a few days. Really worrying time. Who would have thought such an ordinary thing as appendicitis could cause so much trouble! Thank you Kathy Sue xoxo

kim said...

What great ideas you have shared. I love that green pic with the basket and green silk bow and the outdoor table with the sprouts placemats. So unique.

Pat@BPM said...

Fabulous ideas, Kathysue. I am certainly inspired.

Allie and Pattie said...

Kathysue, I have some of these same pictures in my files! Great inspiration
xoxo Pattie

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

These are all so pretty. I love all of these ideas. I really do have to put my thinking cap on. I can't wait to see your table. You always do the most beautiful tablescapes. Hope you had a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

So many wonderful inspirational photos, thank you! We had a really nice weekend and the sun was shinning,makes me want to plant a bunch of flowers!
Take care-

Kathy :) said...

All so pretty, but those polka dot votives must be MINE LOL Love them !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)

Kathysue said...

Hi Kathy, so glad to see you here and thank you for leaving a comment and your ever faithful reading of my blog. I hope you get those votives, they are adorable and you can't look at those without smiling, that is for sure,Kathysue

Averill said...

I love all this bright color -- such a nice departure from pastels. Also love the egg cups as mini-flower vases. Very cute!

La Dolfina said...

My head is spinning you have shown so many beautiful and inspirational images for Easter!
We've been going to Palm Springs for Easter for the last 10 years so I haven't had the pleasure of decorating a beautiful Easter table for a long time, but these images did it for me!! Thank you!!
Many thanks as well for your comments on our big news!
~xo always!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I just love the colors of spring. I can think of so many ways to go with an Easter table. The thing is, we tend to end up with just the 2 of us on many holidays these days, and I tend to not dress up the table for just us. That is the downside of having your family all move far away.

Torie Jayne said...

Gorgeous post! So many great ideas! Thanks for the link to my blog, glad you are enjoying the series, Have a sweet day!

Nancy said...

Lots of great ideas here. Thank you for sharing! I ran across your blog because I've got a google alert set up for transferware. I didn't see any here but I'm glad I found you. I enjoyed every minute visiting your lovely blog.

ashlina said...

thank you for your comments sweetness! all of these flowers make me so happy! check out my latest post. all about the flower love!

xinex said...

Thanks for the great ideas, Kathy Sue. I love them all...Christine

Sandra said...

What beautiful ideas. I love the spring look of it all.

Cashon&Co said...

Incredible pictures. I need to get on the ball!